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Done in Coreldraw X3. 100% vector.
Photo from Fetishcon 2015 used as artistic reference

While waiting for her collar to arrive, Jasina began to have second thoughts. Just as Tark of the Guard had predicted she would, when he locked the shackles on her. Not that she wanted to become a debt-pawn to old Pevko, instead of this, but maybe she could have dodged him. Maybe she could have kept up her old life as a thieving street-wench. Jasina shook her head at that thought. She couldn’t have kept dodging for very long.

Lying on the harem couch felt luxurious, despite the six locks and heavy chains that made her second thoughts meaningless. It was nice to no longer be grimy, and to have the enchanted green of her one-and-only tunic revealed. That tunic had been her father’s payment to her mother for their one night together, and so had come down to Jasina, along with her father’s elf-pointed ears. Only the tunic now belonged to Tark, along with Jasina’s ears and all the rest of her.

Tark had paid off old Pevko and Jasina had gone with him, willingly enough, to the Palace. It had seemed like a good idea at the time… It was a good idea, Jasina told her second thoughts. Anyway, she had come to this couch on her own two feet, she had made her mark on the papyrus scroll, and in a few minutes Tark of the Guard would make it final and official, locking a rune-engraved slave collar on Jasina with his own two hands. Or rather Prince Tarkon would, the half-orc nephew of the Raj-King.
MetalBeowulf89 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Student General Artist
Delightful slave girl. :love:
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November 1, 2017
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