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This is primarily a lurker account, created after DA's 2010 "April Fools" fiasco. Their 2011 April Fools prank did actually manage to be amusing (and the 2012 prank was also handled well) - but trust, once blown, takes a lot of work to recover. So while I'll start posting some of my artwork and stories here again, my main site will remain

Current Residence: Northern Chicagoland
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Windows may be Satanic, but Unix is Lovecraftian!
I don't do on-line roleplaying, but I am willing to play a tickle-fetish version of "The Letter Game."…

The setup is a fictional exchange of letters between two characters. For example: Two female cousins who were sold from the auction block as tickle-slaves to two different masters, and who are allowed to write letters to each other. Each character then describes her experiences and surroundings in her letters to the other character.

The shared elements of the background are set by the first letter, or by private agreement between the two writers (use PM). For example, the "letter from Susannah" below sets up a fictional city of Anadova in a vaguely Moorish fictional land known as the Sunlands, and implies various other elements of the setting.  

One drawback is that the Letter Game does demand that the players have better writing chops than simple on-line RP.

Here's sample letter for starting a Letter Game exchange:

Dear Cousin Emmaline

As you can tell from this letter, I am alive and reasonably well. Even though I felt that I would die from embarrassment when we were sold from that awful stone auction block. It wasn't the chains that disturbed me so much, or even my being sold into slavery. Rather it was my nakedness. That, and all those eyes raking over my skin. I could feel those eyes, every pair of them, and I'll tell you that they had me squirming and shivering by the time the bidding ended. It was actually a relief to be sold. Even now I feel that way, even though my new Master has often stripped me naked for his own delight, and has proven himself a true expert at the sweet torture. My great fear is that he will reject me, and that I will find myself naked and chained once more on the stone block of the auction house in Anadova

My new Master is Bey Ekem, and he is a perfect fiend when he has a feather in his hand. Especially when I am strapped down with leather straps, or trapped and helpless in the finely polished wooden stocks he prefers. Those are fine pieces of furniture, worthy of the manor of a Squire, or even a Lord, but for their design and the use to which they are put.

These stocks are in Master's villa, just outside of Anadova. Master is not too cruel, other than when he indulges himself at the sweet torture. I am kept barefoot, but Master does permit me a length of cloth at most times. A thin cotton cloth, this is, if brightly dyed. Before I would have considered this short length to be shockingly scanty, as clothing, but the weather here in Anadova is terribly hot. Also, being put through the slave pens and upon the stone auction block does change ones perceptions.

However, the best news is that I have been permitted to write you this letter. I hope that this finds you, if not in the best of circumstances, at least as well as I am. Master will not say where you have been taken, other than to another city in a different province, or satrap, or whatever they are called here in the Sunlands. He also will not say who your new Master is, only that I will learn it if he permits you to reply. My own Master appears confident that he will, but I do fear that I shall never hear from you again.

With my best wishes for you,
Your cousin Susannah
(Who is now "Slavegirl Susi" to her new Tickle Master)


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