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LuridMax Alan Davis style Pre Code Horror Template by LuridMax, visual art

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Lurid Max 1001 Nights GIMP colored by LuridMax, visual art

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Lurid Max Skeleton Women pg4 of 7 panel b by LuridMax, visual art

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Lurid Max Arabian Nights section by LuridMax, visual art

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Lurid Max 5 Ever Quest II Scene reimagined as Luri by LuridMax, visual art

Artist // Professional // Traditional Art
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Favourite Visual Artist
Boris Vallejo, Steve Fastner, Rich Larson, Berni Wrightson
Favourite Movies
Get Out, Reservoir Dogs, Fists of Fury, Django Unchained, John Wick, The Book of Eli, Mad Max, Dragon Heart, Interstellar, The Village, Rumble in the Bronx, Ender's game,
Favourite TV Shows
Black Mirror, James Michener's Centennial,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Misfits, Megadeth, Opeth, Prong, Black Flag, Minor Threat; Maurice Ravel, Anna Netrebko, Natalie Dessay, Gustav Holtz, Guitar Bros, John Williams, Graeme Revell,
Favourite Books
Crime and Punishment, Illium, Hard as Nails, Earthsea, The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, Catcher in the Rye, The Fountainhead, Foundation, Rama, The World The Flesh and the Devil, Ham on Rye, On a Pale Horse
Favourite Games
Skyrim, Shadows of Mordor, Diablo 3, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning,
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PC; 8 core, 1080 GTX
Tools of the Trade
HB pencil, Rotring Tikky mechanical pencil, Bristol board 19 x 24 inch, Aircraft grade Aluminum Keyboard (Corsair)

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Anyone following Lurid Max, since its inception on Sept 28 2018, has seen the plethora of styles, poses, and many WIP drawings - as I studied artforms, by masters. This year, will see the fruition, of the long awaited vision, to have the detailed drawings, inked, colored, featuring original characters, stories, with dialogue, in the traditional comicbook form. First, Ink. Then in color. I have practiced a variety of inking tools. And have collaborated with some well known artists. Hundreds of pages of new comics are Already Done! All that remains is to ink, and scan, and color; and upload. Support this, and bring the full colored comics sooner! ( if 5 people join at the $30 tier, for over a month, I will hire a colorist.) Thanks for your interest, and kind patronage that has brought the Lurid Pre-Code Renaissance this far! Season Three can continue later this year. I have been developing new art, constantly ( full comics – coloring digitally; acquiring/studying
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I hope everyone is well. During Mar to present, I prepared alot of new content. However, with everything going on the world, I did not feel it was a priority to run promo campaigns on social media for lurid pre-code horror art ( given the unexpect
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Thanks for faving my art-fanart! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for faving my art-fanart! I really appreciate it!

Thanks for faving my art-fanart! I really appreciate it!

Thank you for the faves!

Thanks for faving my Guillotine Venus! I kinda can see why you like it! 😏

Guillotine Venus

Thanks for the favs and watching!. I hope you enjoy my art...