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Rorschach by Tulio-Vilela Rorschach :icontulio-vilela:Tulio-Vilela 11 2
Earth-16 [Young Justice] + Earth-19999 [MCU]
Justice Avengers (Justice League + Avengers)
Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Fate + Dr. Strange)       Vortex (Red Tornado + Vision) [destroyed]
Man of Iron (Superman + Iron Man)    Steel Machine (Steel + War Machine)
Blue-Ant I (Blue Beetle II + Ant-Man I) [deceased]    Bee I (Atom + Wasp I) [MIA]
Bruce Wayne (Batman + Nick Fury)    Sea Lion I (Aquaman + Black Panther) [deceased]
Sea Lion II (Kaldur'ahm + Shuri)        Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel + Captain Marvel)
Green Hammer (Hal Jordan + Thor)    The Martian (Martian Manhunter + the Hulk)
Giovanni Wong (Giovanni Zatara + Wong)    Phillip Pennyworth (Alfred Pennyworth + Phil Coulson)
Nabu the Ancient One (Nabu + the Ancient One
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 4 0
Amalgam Universe Timeline
In the early days of humanity, Menkhan (Yuga Khan + Mentor), Father of Thanoseid (Darkseid + Thanos) and Star Father (Highfather + Star Fox), led a civil war between the Eternal Gods (New Gods + Eternals) and Deviant Gods (Apokoliptians + Deviants). This lead to the death of Menkhan and each of his sons taking the dividing sides of the planet and creating a new society with each of them.
In 2008, Thanoseid begins his quest to search for the Anti-Life Gems (Anti-Life Equation + Infinity Gems)
He then forms the Elite Order (Darkseid’s Elite + Black Order): Comprised of his brute of a son Kaliblack (Kalibak + Black Dwarf), the manipulative Glorious Maw (Glorious Godfrey + Ebony Maw), the psychic Amazing Giant (Amazing Grace + Supergiant), and the recently widowed Kanto Glaive (Kanto + Corvus Glaive) who lost his wife Claudia Midnight (Claudia + Proxima Midnight)
In 2012 Thanoseid sends his uncle L
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 3 0
Vindicators vs Justice Squadron
New Vindicators (Champions of Angor/Maximums + New Avengers/Avengers)
Metal Man (Tin Man + Iron Man)
Captain Crusader (American Crusader + Captain America)
Luke Wild (Buck Wild + Luke Cage)
Bug-Man (Bug + Spider-Man)
Wolf (Wolfen + Wolverine)
Bug-Woman (Lady Bug + Spider-Woman)
Hawk-Bow (Bow-Man/Deadeye + Hawkeye/Ronin)
Vindicators (Maximums + Avengers)
Metal Man (Tin Man + Iron Man)
Warhead (Machinehead + War Machine)
Captain Crusader (American Crusader + Captain America)
Winter (Soldier + Winter Soldier)
Major Marvel (Major Max + Captain Marvel)
Daremaster (Stuntmaster + Daredevil)
Black Dragon (Red Dragon + Black Widow)
Robot Vision (Robot + Vision)
Thunder (Wandjina + Thor)
Scarlet Sorceress (Silver Sorceress + Scarlet Witch)
Captain Quick (Captain Speed + Quicksilver)
Hawk-Bow (Bow-Man/Deadeye + Hawkeye/Ronin)
Bee (T.A./Hornet + Wasp/Pixie)
Yellowjay (Bluejay + Yellowjacket)
Big Man (Skyscraper/Growing Man + Giant-Man/Goliath)
Monster (Behemoth + Hulk)
She-Monster (Monster + She-H
:icondavium99:Davium99 1 0
Amalgam Journal
Justice Invaders (Justice Society + Invaders)
Super-Soldier(Superman + Captain America)
Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman + Sub Mariner)
Quickflash 1/Mike Garrick (Jay Garrick + Mike Cury)
Green Nova 1/Robert Scott (Alan Scott + Robert Grayson)
Red Hawk (Hawkman/Red Raven)
Ravengirl (Hawkgirl/Red Raven)
Red Torch (Red Inferno/Human Torch (1)
Red Vision (Ma Hunkel + Aarkus)
Bec-El/Lar Barnes (Mon-El + Bucky Barnes)
Paper Man (Plastic Man + Thin Man)
Atom-Mite (Atom (Al Pratt) + Dyna-Mite)
Steel Falcon (Steel (1) + Falcon (1))
Dark Beetle (Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett) + Darkhawk)
Jade Nova (Jade + Nova (Frankie Raye)
Blackjack (Obsidian/Union Jack (2)
Robot Angel 1 (Robot Man 1 + Angel 1)
Blue Guardian (Guardian + Blue Shield)
Golden Star (Stargirl + Golden Woman/Radiance)
Max Sabre (Max Mercury/Super Sabre)
Jakeem Cool (Jakeem Thunder/Johnny Cool)
Johnny Frost & Winterbolt (Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt/Jack Frost)
True Believer (Uncle Sam/Spirit of '76)
Johnny Whiz (Johnny Quick + Whizzer)
:icondavium99:Davium99 1 0
Grantees (The Gentry + Inheritors)
Solus Hand (Empty Hand + Solus)
Verna Merciless (Dame Merciless + Verna)
Morlun Uotan (Nix Uotan + Morlun)
Karn Ultra (Ultra Comics + Karn)
Jennix Intellection (Intellection + Jennix)
Daemos Hell (Hellmachine + Daemos)
Brix Broken (Lord Broken + Brix)
Bora Demogorgon (Demogorgunn + Bora)
:icondavium99:Davium99 2 1
My (Improved) Amalgam Cinematic Universe
Okay so I realize combining marvel and dc movies with my own twist may not have been the best. However, what i plan on doing now is combining DC comics events/eras and MCU films. I think it is no surprise at this point that DC has better comics than movies, so I plan on using these elements to fuel my own universe. I will not write out the plots (that may be for a later post) but I will write down the characters introduced in each film. I'm a little embarrassed to say this took hours of rewriting and reimagining, but I am very happy with the final draft.
Iron Bat (Batman: Zero Year + Iron Man)
Iron Bat (Batman + Iron Man)    Viral (Riddler + Iron Monger)    The Red Rings (Red Hood Gang + the Ten Rings)
A.L.F.R.E.D. (Alfred Pennyworth + J.A.R.V.I.S.)    James Fury (James Gordon + Nick Fury)
The Martian (Martian Manhunter Vol 4 + the Incredible H
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 6 11
The Savior 1939 Version 3 by trisaber The Savior 1939 Version 3 :icontrisaber:trisaber 11 1 The Savior 1961 by trisaber The Savior 1961 :icontrisaber:trisaber 15 2 Golden Age Savior Final by trisaber Golden Age Savior Final :icontrisaber:trisaber 22 3 The Golden Age Savior by trisaber The Golden Age Savior :icontrisaber:trisaber 11 1
Amalgams Inspired by Death Battle
Deathpool (Deathstroke + Deadpool)
Tarantula (Batman + Spider-Man)
Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman + Sub-Mariner)
Arroweye (Green Arrow + Hawkeye)
Silverflash (Flash + Quicksilver)
Doomhulk (Doomsday + Hulk)
Vein (Bane + Venom)
Thunder Woman (Wonder Woman + Thor)
Lex Stark (Lex Luthor + Iron Man)
Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Fate + Doctor Strange)
Nightdevil (Nightwing + Daredevil)
Thanoseid (Darkseid + Thanos)
Tarantula 2099 (Batman Beyond + Spider-Man 2099)
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 2 2
Justice Avengers vs. X-Squad
(Justice League Vs Suicide Squad + Avengers Vs X-Men)
Justice Avengers
Super-Soldier (Superman + Captain America)
Iron Bat (Batman + Iron Man)
Wonder Widow (Wonder Woman + Black Widow)
Silverflash (Flash II + Quicksilver)
Green Marvel VI (Green Lantern [Baz] + Noh-Varr)
Green Marvel V (Green Lantern [Cruz] + Carol Danvers)
Aegir (Aquaman + Thor)
Warborg (Cyborg + War Machine)
Amanda Xavier (Amanda Waller + Prof. Xavier)
Summit (Killer Croc + Colossus)
Delta Queen (Harley Quinn + Rogue)
Wild Card (Joker + Gambit)
Blizzard (Killer Frost + Iceman)
Scarlet Enchantress (Enchantress + Scarlet Witch)
Kokoro (Katana + Psylocke)
Alex Flag (Rick Flag + Havok)
El arcangel (El Diablo + Archangel)
Razor (Captain Boomerang + Wolverine)
Cannon Fire (Deadshot +
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 4 2
Marianne Golden Age by PierreMateus Marianne Golden Age :iconpierremateus:PierreMateus 11 1
*I feel like this started off stronger and got more messy over time. For those who may not know, the DCAMU is an animated movie universe starting from Justice League Flashpoint to Reign of the Supermen (and beyond). In my opinion it is far more better than the DCEU so I decided to merge it with the MCU
Justice Avengers (Justice League + Avengers)
Warborg (Cyborg + War Machine)           Iron Bat (Batman + Iron Man)   Super-Soldier (Superman + Cpt. America)
Wonder Widow (Wonder Woman + Black Widow)           Smash (Shazam + Hulk)               Hermod (Flash + Thor)
Eagle-Eye (Steve Trevor + Hawkeye)
Captain Martian (Martian Manhunter + Captain Marvel)           
:iconstormbreaker616:Stormbreaker616 5 0
Commissions: The Web by Bracey100 Commissions: The Web :iconbracey100:Bracey100 66 34
About a year ago, I was looking to create a new swordsmans school based off the real-world French Fighting Style of Savate. Then a friend of mine found Poisoned Shadow's version. Well, I really liked it, but it added a bunch of new Knacks, some that seemed like old knacks with a little twist. Personally I not a big fan of new knacks, especially went it could be cover by an already existing knack. So with that in mind, I created my own Savate School. Here it is. Enjoy.

Country of Origin: Montaigne

Founded: 166? No one knows for sure, but started gaining popularity in 1667

Description: With the social divide ever growing, Montaigne has become a more and more harsh place to live. Especially among the commoner class. This has caused a new breed of street fighter to emerge. It is believes to have started with the sailors and dock workers of Paix, but has spread quickly to every port in Montaigne. It is now making its way to other ports around Theah. Freiburg for one has embraced this new style. There is no formal schooling, it's students learn from the school of hard knocks in alleyways, pubs, warehouses and basements from other Savateurs. No one knows who the first savate fighter was, but many believe there was more then one creator and is believed that it has adapted many of its techniques from the Crescent Empire and Cathay fighting styles. It's main focus is using; kick, punch or whatever you have at your disposal until the fight is over. It tends to focus more on kicks because a well placed kick can do more damage then a punch, and a kick can be delivered to move places more easily then punches can, like knees and ankles. Most recently Savateurs have started using a staff or cane as part of their fighting style. The stick is used to steady a fighter during one of it's many kicks. Or it can be used as an improvised weapon. 

The most obvious weakness of Savate is that its attacks are extremely aggressive, requiring a great deal of energy to deliver. A Savateur may tire quickly, and cagey opponents will use this to their advantage. Furthermore, the primary weapons of Savate—a variety of kicks—are always delivered with the leading foot (that is, the one closest to the opponent). This requires the Savateur to shift his weight to his back leg before striking, a telltale cue that an attack is forthcoming.[1]

Basic Curriculum: Dirty Fighting, Pugilism
Kick is consider a Basic knack at Hero Creation, Free rank to any Swordsman's knack (No membership to Swordsman Guild),

Swordsman Knacks: Corps-a-corps*, Beat**, Kick***, Exploit Weakness (Savate)

*Coup de pied bas - ("low kick", a front or sweep kick to the shin making contact with the inner edge of the shoe, performed with a characteristic backwards lean) low only

**Fouetté (literally "whip", roundhouse kick making contact with the instep), high, medium or low

***Typically the "Revers" kick (frontal or lateral "reverse" or hooking kick making contact with the sole of the shoe), high, medium, or low) but does not have to be, can be any type of kick.

Apprentice: Savate students start by learning how to kick faster, more accurately and harder. Your leg is strong then your arms, but can make you unbalance if your not careful. By practicing kicks they learn how to deliver kicks without sacrificing their balance. 
Kick Attacks are made without calling two raises.

Journeyman: Savateurs have learned that just because you have knocked your opponent to the ground, doesn't mean the fight is over. They learn how to deliver a quick kick to the person laying on the ground to "encourage that they stay there".
When you succeed at a corps-a-corps attempt, you can immediately make a kick attack with a -10 penalty. 
You gain one rank of Kick. This can raise your rank to 6. If it does not, you can later raise your rank to 6 by spending 25 XP.

Master: Chassé (side or front piston-action kick), high, medium or low. The Chassé kick as it is called, is a series of quick kicks delivered one right after the other.
You can do a series of kick attacks on one action. The first attack is at –5. If you hit their Passive Defense (even if they succeed in their Active Defense), then you can attack again at –10 to hit. Repeat with an additional –5 each time to hit until you miss their Passive Defense or decide to quit. Each hit does damage separately.


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