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August 27, 2008
To go beyond by ~lurazeda
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To go beyond

Finally! My first animation on DeviantART :)

"To go beyond" was my final year project in university, it was my second piece of 2D animation that I actually complete.

It is just a very simple story set in a corner of the world about the affection between two individuals. Lives fade, lives continue, live to go beyond.

The whole piece was done in Photoshop and Imageready mainly, and edited in After Effect.

And for the music..
The background music is composed and copyrighted by me.

You are welcomed to visit my blog entry regarding this animation: [link]
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© 2008 - 2022 lurazeda
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gibranhl's avatar
Such lovely music. =)
Meepas's avatar
I was so moved. I felt close to crying by watching this.

The animation mentioned something about your mother. Did your mother pass away? :<
monkeyluver199's avatar
woooooooow this is so beautiful! i almost cryed!
evidenceofunderstood's avatar
My tears are welling. extremely touching and well done. The music fits it perfectly, i love it.
Ookami-ChanXP's avatar
It's just an absolutely beautiful film... I adore it!
lurazeda's avatar
Ookami-ChanXP's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
KadajsFunToy's avatar
Definitely made me cry.
lurazeda's avatar
Darktaru's avatar
I almost cried watching this, is really good. The drawings, animation, music and sounds are all great !
KieLiMe's avatar
o my gosh it it was amazing ^^ i loved it!
the-nadir's avatar
wow! great job! very touching and inspring, though sad. keep up the good work and more power to you! greetings from the philippines.
Taka-Sammich's avatar
lurazeda's avatar
Exahall's avatar
It's... beautifull.
It touched really deep, I cried...

Hope I can ever be as good as you ^^

The Chrizzel
lurazeda's avatar
Thanks for watching my animation and share your thought with me ^^
Exahall's avatar
jeremyjosh's avatar
This an absolutely breathtaking piece of work. I felt overloaded with different emotions, almost as if someone were narrating the story. Excellent music, also timed well. I feel insipired to make my own now! :D thanks for passing the artistic torch! :iconvictorydanceplz:
lurazeda's avatar
Thanks for your comment ^^

Don't forget to share your animation with me when you make one yourself ^^ let the artistic torch burns brighter~
jeremyjosh's avatar
you're welcome and I wanna make an animation but I have to have time plus learn flash MX. It's still a ways off. Thanks for the encouragement, though.
Anneya's avatar
This is so beautiful! I watched it a lot of times and I really like this piece. Not only the animation is awesome, your piano playing is great, too!:)
lurazeda's avatar
Anneya's avatar
You're very welcome, I just wonder, that you answered my comment. You must get reams of comments like that all day. :boogie: It is great that you do that, many other deviants don't care about the comments they get.
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