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Thursday Next, Goliath, Booktastic, Willspeak ... (c) Jasper Fforde

My First Thursday Next Fanart!

An Illustration from the chapter "Airship to Swindon" , in the book "The Eyre Affair" by Jasper FForde. This book is also the first one in the Thursday Next series, which I highly recommend. ^^

This picture took me like a month to finish, here I tried to include some of the interesting settings of this series - Thursday Next who is the main character, a Literary Detective ------ in this parallel world, literary is a VERY popular medium, hence soft drink vending machine turned into a "Willspeak " machine, with a manniquin of a Shakesperian Character quote its famous speeches when you put a coin in it. Also bushes shaped in a dodo since they are a very popular choice of pet in this world. And also some advertisement posters which may be seen in this interesting world.

Oh almost forgot to mention, Airship is a popular way to travel, so I drew this picture with Thursday standing outside a Airship station, waiting for the car sent by the LiteraTecs Office to pick her up.
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