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An unexpected guest

5K Views, yea I just wanted to draw a huge rabbit, a really REALLY huge one.

An experimental pic to try out another watercolour brush in PS, lol.

(And this is how my little living room looks like in rl XDDD That armchair is really comfy to sit and spend all the day reading haha)
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ah wow! :D it's great. and i love her slippers :P
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Woah that's amazing! Well done :)
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i hope this is one of the "i am big, yes, but i am friendly"-bunnies. :D
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Lovely indeed!
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Awe Owo how cute.
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Haha I love how my initial gut reaction was "aww big bunny" and then after a few more seconds "...oh crap what if it eats her" Very interesting piece!
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Great scene, really fab!
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my critique is that is awesome~!!
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Creepy...but very cute at the same time xDD
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Hehe thanks XD
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Very nice! I love the details on the armchair especially! And the idea of a giant rabbit suddenly appearing in your living room! I would rush up to hug it and hope it doesn't bite me! :XD:
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Hehe that's the same thing I'd do when I see it! :3
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My lord that is amazing! <3
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Awesome hq artwork :D so realistic :D from the details to the lightning all the way to the huge rabbit!

I hope the rabbit goin eat the girl! ^_^; LOL
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lol I hope the rabbit is SOFT to hug!
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Its cute and at the smae time very scary if it happened to me
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lol I won't be able to illustrate the look on the girl's face.
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beautiful. excellent detail.
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