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Mixels: Globs of Doom Poster by Luqmandeviantart2000

Based on Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.

Story: In the reaches deepest of space, the meteors have landed in Mixels City, Mixopolis, Aquanikis Land, Mixagnok and Alloynian Land. Meanwhile, Luqman2 and Bloxlines is having hangouts in Mixels City, but Meteors hits and turned Bloxlines into orange goo evil, Luqman2 needs to help, but Arrestso appeared in Mixels City, Arrestso help you to come portal with Luqman2, Orange Globs is taking over Mixels City, Mixopolis, Aquanikis Land, Mixagnok and Alloynian Land, Luqman2 and Arrestso has here in Mix Lair, even Eyemo, Aquana, Anabei, Lathy, Nami, 8der, Saharat, and Sleeking, and Caitlyn has here to inform that Orange Globs is taking over our worlds, and ask 10 heroes to give any weapons to any of mixels to save our world.

LDA2000: Globs of Doom by Luqmandeviantart2000
Luqman2 and Eyemo

DS12: Globs of Doom by Luqmandeviantart2000
Lathy and Nami

A145: Globs of Doom by Luqmandeviantart2000
Aquana and Anabei

A20191: Globs of Doom by Luqmandeviantart2000
Arrestso and 8der

S: Globs of Doom by Luqmandeviantart2000
Saharat and Sleeking

Mixels: Globs of Doom Hub by Luqmandeviantart2000

Mixels City
Aquanikis Land
Alloynian Land

Mixels: Globs of Doom Bosses by Luqmandeviantart2000
Globulus Maximus
Villains Max

Character playable Levels:
Mixels City:
Level 1:
Luqman2 and 8der
Level 2:
Arrestso and Eyemo
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Splashrage by Luqmandeviantart2000
Boss Name: Splashrage
Luqman2 and Sleeking

Level 1:
Lathy and Anabei
Level 2:
Luqman2 and Saharat
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Shiner by Luqmandeviantart2000
Boss Name: Shiner
Anabei and 8der

Aquanikis Land
Level 1:
Aquana and Lathy
Level 2:
Sleeking and Nami
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Kelpsea by Luqmandeviantart2000
Boss Name: Kelpsea
Saharat and 8der

Level 1:
Arrestso and Nami
Level 2:
Aquana and Eyemo
Boss Name: Dainomixo
Luqman2 and
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Anabei's Outfit Design by Luqmandeviantart2000

Alloynian Land
Level 1:
Saharat and Eyemo
Level 2:
Luqman2 and Lathy

Final Boss:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Globulus Maximus by Luqmandeviantart2000
Boss Name: Globulus Maximus
Heroes Max

Final Boss 2:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Villains Max by Luqmandeviantart2000
Boss Name: Villains Max
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Globulus. M (Luqman2 form) by Luqmandeviantart2000
Globulus Maximus (Luqman2 form)

Intro and Mixels City cutscenes:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Mixels City CutscenesIntro:
In the deepest reaches of space...
*Orange meteor falling into planet mixel*
*Orange meteor moves through screen to Mixels City*
Luqman2: Ah, what a beautful day! what a day!
Bloxlines: Pfft, if i would be to go to work.
*Orange goo falls*
Luqman2: Hey bloxlines, whats...
*Orange goo splats on Bloxlines and mind controls on Bloxlines*
Luqman2: ...that stuff?
Bloxlines: Luqman2, Luqman2...
*Luqman2 runs*
Luqman2: I think we're getting late for work...
*Snoof runs to Luqman2*
Snoof: Luqman2, whats is happening, what is this stuff?
Luqman2: I don't know, Snoof. What ever to do, don't let it touch you!
Snoof: When try not to?
Luqman2: Thats why...
Bloxlines: Luqman2, Luqman2...
Snoof: What are you going to do?!
*Portal opens and Arrestso appears in Mixels City*
Luqman2: Arrestso.
Arrestso: Quick, to the portal!
Luqman2: Wait, what about Bloxlines?
Arrestso: You can come with me to headquarters, NOW!
*Luqman2 and Snoof comes with Arrestso to portal and portal closes*
*Orange goo keep

Mixopolis cutscenes:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Mixopolis CutscenesMixopolis intro:
*Cut to Mixopolis*
Shiner: Ha! i got a diamond!
Lathy: Hey Shiner!
Shiner: Yes?
Lathy: Why did you got diamond, unhand the diamond.
Shiner: Well, no.
*orange goo falls and splats on Shiner, mind control on Shiner*
Shiner: Hahaha! *runs away*
Arrestso: He is under control morphoids!
Nami: Well, i have to say.... ATTACK!!!
Mixopolis ending:
*building split orange goo out to Luqman2, and then orange goo splatted on Luqman2*
Luqman2: Hey, do i have a sign of orange goo? Whats happening?
*Orange goo slides to Mix Lair*
Luqman2: Finally, we got the first cubit of.
*disc scratch*
Luqman2: *uses evil voice* It will not be work, but you will never defeat me! Nobody can stop me from taking over planet mixel!
Lathy: Hey! You will never defeat me!
Arrestso: Speaking is which goo link is control morphoids, it's speaking to him!
Snoof: Luqman2, snap out of it! Mmmm *pulls out his pizza* Smell that pizza... breathe it in, Luqman2, breathe it in... *Luqman2 smells Snoof's pizza*

Aquanikis Land cutscenes:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Aquanikis Land CutscenesAquanikis Land intro:
*Orange goo keeps landing in Aquanikis Land*
Aquana: If we don't stop them, they'll destroy Aquanikis Land.
Kelpsea: Oooh, i got a cubit!
*Orange goo falls and splats on Kelpsea, minds controls on Kelpsea*
Kelpsea: Grrrrr....
Aquana: Kelpsea!
*Kelpsea runs away*
8der: Oh, we still have weapon, Aquana...
Lathy: Well, i got a.... BUBBLE LANCHER 2000! After him!
8der: You look so cutie, Lathy.
Anabei: We gonna stop him!
Sleeking: Oh maybe, There is no way to bad happens
Saharat: Come on, let's go!
*Luqman2 and his 9 heroes run away*
Sleeking: There is no way i'm wiping off the drool.
Aquanikis Land ending:
*Kelpsea hits the button, Orange goo splited out and time freezes*
Luqman2: I'm not shaman, i guess what happens next.
*Time unfreezes and Orange goo splats on Luqman2*
*Orange goo splats screen to Giant Cubit room*
Caitlyn: *pulls out Aquanikis cubit* Hey, where did you get this stuff?
Caitlyn: Very snooting on the joints.
Luqman2: *uses evil voice* Hey, did you r

Mixagonk cutscenes:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Mixagnok CutscenesMixagnok intro:
*10 heroes runs*
Eyemo: *screams*
Arrestso: What is that?
Eyemo: Sorry, sometimes, i scare easily, okay?
*Teslia screams*
*cuts to where Dainomixo holding Teslia*
Arrestso: Not my girlfriend! It's Dainomixo, he got head splatted orange goo, it mind controlled on Dainomixo!
Dainomixo: *eats MCPD's cubit*
8der: You really need to get control of yourself hun.
Arrestso: We got to find that pieces that it just swallowed.
8der: Can you make her stop screaming?
Mixagnok ending:
Dainomixo: Gah! *split orange goo out to Luqman2, but Luqman2 dodges*
Luqman2: Yeah! Phew, glad it missed me that time.
*Dainomixo split orange goo out again to Luqman2, Orange goo splatted on Luqman2*
Luqman2: Oh, tartar sauce...
Aquana: Come on, we've nearly got all the pieces. *pulls Luqman2 quickly*
*Orange splatted screen to Mix Lair*
Caitlyn: *holding MCPD's cubit* The third cubit, only one more to go.
*portal opens and Luqman2 flys*
Luqman2: Woo hoo! *hits Caitlyn's head*

Alloynian Land cutscenes:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Alloynian Land CutscenesAlloynian Land intro:
*7 heroes walks in Alloynian Land*
Eyemo: What? You live here?
Sleeking: It beats living in the bucket.
Saharat: Come on, we gonna find Cling.
Anabei: Who Cling?
Saharat: It's the leader of Alloynian, he may know where the pieces is hidden.
Luqman2: May the Alloynian be with you!
Alloynian ending:
*Luqman2 jumps, touch orange bubble, and orange goo splatted to Luqman2*
*Luqman2 grabs Alloynians cubit and runs away*
*Wipe the orange goo on screen to Mix Lair*
Snoof: *pushes button*
Caitlyn: Hey, stop that! No greasy hands on prints on the screen.
Snoof: Luqman2, what are you going to be? The glob thingy nearly here.
Luqman2: *use evil voice* Blox head mixel, you are unlike anyone before i have met before...
Nami: How true.
Luqman2: *still using evil voice* I have grown tried of my gooey life, for the first moment since the beginning of time, I, Globulus Maximus, Choose to become something else, Someone else actually, I choose to become... You...
*disc scratch*

Final Boss cutscenes and Ending:
Mixels: Globs of Doom: Final Boss CutscenesFinal Boss intro:
*Luqman2, Eyemo, Lathy, Nami, Aquana, Anabei, Arrestso, 8der, Saharat and Sleeking uses giant cubit*
Luqman2, Eyemo, Lathy, Nami, Aquana, Anabei, Arrestso, 8der, Saharat and Sleeking: MAX!
*Luqman2, Lathy, Aquana, Arrestso and Saharat mixing with Eyemo, Nami, Anabei, 8der and Sleeking into Heroes Max*
*Heroes Max blast off from Mix Lair*
*cut to outside of Mix Lair*
*Heroes Max fly away into sky*
*Cut to space*
*Heroes Max fly away from Planet Mixel*
*Heroes Max flying to Globulus Maximus*
Final Boss ending/Final Boss 2 intro:
Heroes Max: Hey goo-guy, you're goo in' down!
*Cut to Villains space headquarters inside*
Dr. Volto: Hey master, what are you thinking what i'm thinking?
Dark Arrestso: Volto, if you're thinking evil thoughts.
Emberzon: That we could capture Globulus Maximus?
Dark Arrestso: And use him for our own future evil plans?
Froain: Now that's awfully tempting.
Dark Arrestso: You know i like about being evil?
Emberzon: Sword red eyeliner?
Dark Arrestso:

Mixels (C) Cartoon Network and LEGO
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