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Mixels: Fighting against Evil Summer by Luqmandeviantart2000

Summer: Oh, i found red and dark red cubit! What should if i touch? hmmmm.... *touches red and dark red cubit* Oh mix.... *becomes evil and black pupils turned into red pupils* MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

One day later...

At Eyemo's house...

*door bell sound hear*

Eyemo: *opens door* Yes?

Lovely: Eyemo, I need your help! my friend summer becomes evil, we need to stop!

Eyemo: Wha, how did summer becomes evil?

Lovely: Well, Summer did touched red and dark red cubit... and then she becomes evil...

Eyemo: Oh mix! Let's stop her before she destroyed Mixopolis, Hurry, Lovely, get inside my house!

3 minutes later...

Summer: *evil laugh* No one can stop me!

Lovely: Hey you!

Summer: Yes?

Lovely: We here to stop you!

Eyemo: and we got a special weapon!

Summer: Oh no, you don't! *using evil blast* Say goodbye! *blast evil blast on Eyemo and Lovely but Eyemo and Lovely both dodged* WHAT?!

Lovely: Well, you're trying to defeat us? Take this! *use anti-evil maniac 3000* Behold, it's Anti-evil maniac 3000! *use Anti-evil maniac 3000 on Summer*

Summer: NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo...... *becomes good back and red pupils turned back into black pupils* Ugh... where am i?

Lovely: Summer, i just turn back into good with Anti-evil maniac 3000!

Summer: Well, i still have red and dark red cubit, but i'm gonna throw! *throws red and dark red cubit into water*

Eyemo: Phew, thank mix, it's over....

Summer: Yep, let's go now.

Lovely: Hmmm... ok.

*Lovely and Summer walks away*

Lovely: Hmm, where we go now?

Summer: Hmmm... maybe, to my home?

Eyemo: Well, Red and dark red cubit could be destroyed...

Compax: *grab red and dark red cubit from water, eats and crunch red and dark red cubit*


Eyemo - Me

Summer and Lovely - LadyAirin2015

Mixels (C) Cartoon Network and LEGO
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February 16, 2017


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