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Twisted Mixel: Eztreza by Luqmandeviantart2000 Twisted Mixel: Eztreza by Luqmandeviantart2000
This is twisted verison of Eztreza.

Based on Ending scene from my final FNAF fan-game "Five Nights at Twisted Mixels".

Story: In the year 2025, Sakura is sleeping at night, but then lighting storm happen Twisted Ezekiel comes to her bedroom, and then lighting storm happen again, Twisted Klinkuhi comes to Sakura's bedroom too, Sakura was turned into her twisted form, before night 1, Eztreza might to build Super Power Nuclear Computer in 5 nights. After 6 AM in night 1, He will fight with both Twisted Klinkuhi and Twisted Ninjette, after defeating both Twisted Klinkuhi and Twisted Ninjette, he puts first piece of Super Power Nuclear Computer on his workbench for next night, after night 2, 3 and 4.... He defeated 6 Twisted Mixels in every night, and then He puts 3 pieces of Super Power Nuclear Computer after defeating them as twisted mixels in every night, In night 5, he might to find last piece of Super Power Nuclear Computer, after 6 AM, he puts last piece of Super Power Nuclear Computer, and building Super Power Nuclear Computer, and finished... but final night, there is the final battle, Eztreza battle with Twisted Hugspike to defend himself while Eztreza using stun gun, when he defeated him as twisted mixel, He hit button, and then it destroyed Charmaniacs home, he finally stopped twisted mixels of horror and made quite in peace, but not, those aren't twisted mixels, their just other mixels, he isn't using stun gun, he is using flashlight, Hugspike will tell him about history of Mixels Pizza, in 1987, he let him getting crushed to death by Fredin, Twisted Magnifo killed 4 of them, Twisted Volectro put 4 twisted mixels heads to 4 dead kids, 4 dead kids was turned into twisted mixels, in 1993, Twisted Magnifo was crushed to death in Twisted Goldana suit and their souls are disappear, in 2018, Mixels Hotel was burned to ground, in 2023, like Mixels Hotel, Mixels Fright was burned to ground, their souls are free.... he has "invisibility cloak", it's one of Sakura's bed, then there was bad stain on it, he did not notice that, they trying to help him, they are trying to show him way out of Eztreza's bedroom, Sakura wasn't seen him, She was sleepy at night, she was turned into her twisted form, He seen them as twisted mixels? Hallucinations! Eztreza haven't seen her in days, Those pieces of mix kat bites to feed Eztreza enough for hallucinations to stop, but he killed Klinkuhi, Ninjette, Momoko, Ezekiel, Sakura the 2nd (S2), Sakura, Aquana and Luqman2, He said "who am i you ask"? Magnifo... He left destroyed Charmaniacs home, running away to Mixopolis, He shouldn't kill them but he did killed them, it's too late for now, 2 years later, Eztreza sit on the ground, it was his fault, MCPD and MCFD will come to destroyed Charmanaics home, sad crazy Eztreza will never come and see them ever again....

Five Nights at Twisted Mixels game page:…

See my twisted mixels gallery or PogorikiFan10's twisted mixels gallery:

Art, Eztreza, Hugspike (mentioned), and Luqman2 (my mixsona, mentioned) (C) Me

Twisted Klinkuhi (mentioned), Twisted Ninjette (mentioned), Klinkuhi (mentioned), Ninjette (mentioned), Momoko (mentioned), Ezekiel (mentioned), Sakura the 2nd (mentioned), Sakura (mentioned) and Twisted Mixel - :iconpogorikifan10:

Aquana (mentioned) - :iconaquana145:

Mixels (C) Cartoon Network and LEGO
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June 12, 2017
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