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Twisted Mixel: Briannaie by Luqmandeviantart2000 Twisted Mixel: Briannaie by Luqmandeviantart2000
This is twisted version of Briannaie.

Story: Briannaie was eating pie, but then there is strawberry jam, she tries to grab but Nikkira grabbed strawberry jam, she said "No way, Briannaie, you need to finish eating pie.", she take it away, Briannaie wasn't happy, meanwhile, her parents is busy at traffic jam, back to Briannaie, she has plan to get strawberry jam, but Nikkira come back and holding her pie that she made, she said "Briannaie, don't you want this yummy pie...?", Briannie replied to her "Yeah, I wanted pie!", She replied back to her "Well, here you go", she give pie to her, She left her house for her boyfriend Brandon, Briannaie use table to get strawberry jam, she finally grab her strawberry jam, she dips her pie with strawberry jam, later Brandon and Nikkira was just fall in love, but then She might to kiss him later, She going back to her house, but she caught her eating her pie with strawberry jam, she's every angry at her, she grabbed knife, and then she jumps and stabbed her... 1 hour later, her parents finally home at Nikkira's house, but her house was so messy with strawberry jam, it must be Briannaie, they found Nikkira's dead body, they shocked, they enter Briannaie's room, they shocked at Briannaie that she killed Nikkira, her room was messy with strawberry jam while she eating pie with strawberry jam, her parents was scared, and going out from Nikkira's house and run away, now Briannaie will find and stab mixels with knife.

Unfortunately, this is my last twisted mixels story.

See my twisted mixels gallery or PogorikiFan10's twisted mixels gallery:

Art, Briannaie and Nikkira (mentioned) is belongs to me

Twisted Mixel is belongs to :iconpogorikifan10:

Dork Diaries is belongs to Rachel Renee Russell

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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October 5, 2017
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