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*fade in into Mixopolis Middle School*

Luqman2 (off-screen): You may know that Snakey was captured by Robotics when she tripped into ground.

*Snakey trips*

Snakey: Guys! Wait for me! *gets up*

Maniac Robotic: *captures Snakey* GOTCHA!

Snakey: AHHHH! HELP ME!!!

*cut to Luqgirl2's house*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Luckily, Luqgirl2 has installed security cameras for middle school, she seen Maniac Robotic caputred Snakey on her laptop, then she totally freaking out.

Luqgirl2: OH NO! SNAKEY!!

Luqman2 (off-screen): Stay tuned for the riveting answers to those exciting questions and more. I know you don't have to remind me, I totally SCREWED UP! This superhero stuff is more harder, difficult and dangerous than I thought. That's why this story is going to end with Mixopolis taken over by Robotics, my EXCRUCIATING DEATH or another mind-blowing CLIFFHANGER, just like a real comic book.

Luqman2 (off-screen): So, if this is going to make you having meltdown, please stop reading. NOW! For those of you who are dying to know what happens next? buckle up and get ready for a scariest roller-coster ride! But BEFORE I get going back to my story, I need to tell you some important things that i've learned you won't make same mistakes that I did.

Luqman2 (off-screen): Hey, if I can prevent what happened to Snakey from happening to me or another character, then Robotics capturing Snakey was totally bad!

*cut to Mighty Maxbly*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Courageously blast through his locker wiht sheet power and speed of lighting bolt as... MIGHTY MAXBLY!

*cut to Bloxman*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Running, Blox and the Bloxing who got a superpowers and smash from window doors as...BLOXMAN!

*cut to RunnerSpeed*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Who loves to running, and winning the contest, as he's running speed, turned turbo-speed as...RUNNERSPEED!

*cut to Marzy Moon*

Luqman2 (off-screen): She loves her hair, her hair growing and growing, got a superpower teleport MOON!

*cut to Strong Badman and The Cheat-ator*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Comic-book styled alter-ago of Strong Bad and The Cheat who was created by Strong Bad as...STRONG BADMAN AND THE CHEAT-ATOR!

*cut to Erin Mixison as superhero*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Maxbly's superhero BFF, Erin Mixison! All those superheroes and their powers are pretty sick, right? once you FINALLY land your new job, my superpowers would totally rock in a job like this.

*cut to Pizza Mix-O-Cubit kitchen, Bloxman throw pizza dough, does finisher pizza quick on pizza dough, uses super laser on finished pizza dough, then hot pizza falls and landed*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Bloxman, Superpowered Finisher Pizza Quick!!

Mixels and Homestar Runner: HomeMixology Part 3: Rage VS Evil

*at Luqman2's house where they're in Luqman2's bedroom*

Luqman2: *puts catapult instruction table* I got a instructions, does anyone to help me to build?

Maxbly: Well, that's catapult instruction.

Luqman2: Oh, sorry. *throw catapult instruction and put flying machine instruction on table* Anyways, here's a flying machine instruction! Now who wants to help me build?

Erin: I do!

Maxbly: Me!

Strong Bad: Well, we can build whatever do we want, let's go!

Homestar Runner: Yeah!

*cut to outside of Luqman2's house where they finished building flying machine*

Luqman2: Well, it's finished.

Homestar Runner: Finally! We can stop them, destroy them, and save them whatever we want-

Marzipan: Homestar, please stop being annoying.

Homestar Runner: Sorry.

Maxbly: Now get inside flying machine!

*Luqman2, Maxbly, Erin, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad and The Cheat gets inside flying machine, then flying machine door closes*

*at Robotic spaceship*

Robotic #8: Sir, they coming to us!

Maniac Robotic: What?! They coming?!

Robotic #8: Yes, they about to crash!

Maniac Robotic: GET THEM!!!

Robotic #8: Yes sir! *runs away*

*cuts to Hall D*

Robotic #8: I better find the ship before-

*Flying Machine crashed into Robotic spaceship and Robotic #8, then red alert sound happens*

*Flying Machine door opened*

*Luqman2, Maxbly, Erin, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad and The Cheat gets out from Flying Machine*

Luqman2: Erin, you go save them, Strong Bad, go destroy them and Maxbly, go find a king of robotics.

Erin: Alright.

Strong Bad: Ok.

Maxbly: I will.

*cut to cell room*

Erin: Hmm, I think they got captured by robotic, Hm, I think I'll save-

Snakey: HELP!

Erin: Huh? Hey there!

Snakey: Hi!

Erin: So, I'm trying to save you all.

Brandon: Hey there.


Brandon: I did getting captured by robotics, but one time...

*his flashback started, at Mixopolis*

*Brandon walks*

Brandon (off-screen): I walked something else, but it happens.

*Robotics started destroying Mixopolis and capturing Mixels*

*Brandon seen Robotic destroying Mixopolis and capturing Mixels*

Brandon (off-screen): They started destroying Mixopolis and capturing Mixels, but it was...Robotic!

*Robotic captured Brandon*

Brandon (off-screen): He captured me to Robotic spaceship..


*his flashback ended, back to cell room*

Brandon: So, I couldn't see Nikkira...

Erin: Well, I can save all of you. *seen lever* Hmm, what's this? *pull lever to open cell to let them free*

Strong Mad: *going out from his cell* WE'RE FREE!!!

The King of Town: *going out from his cell too* Finally, I can eat every food I want, thanks for saving us.

Erin: No problem.

*Snakey and Brandon free from their cell*

Snakey: Finally, you saved us! but what are you going to do?

Erin: Hmm, maybe.

*cuts to lunch room, where Robotics surrounded Strong Bad and The Cheat*

Strong Bad: Uh oh, I think we're surrounded by them! The Cheat, Attack!

The Cheat: Meh! *jumps and attacks Robotics*

Strong Bad: *use rocket launcher* "Di-a-lo-do, DIE!" *destroys Robotics with his rocket launcher*

*all robotics was destroyed expect Maniac Robotic*

Strong Bad: Yeah! That was great, It's da awesomeness of...

*cut to Trogdor on paper sheet, and Trogdor music plays*

Strong Bad: TROGDOR!

*cuts back to lunch room, music stops and record disc scratch*

The King of Town: *eating burger* Can't you see I'm trying to eat burger?

*cuts to cockpit robotic spaceship where Maniac Robotic controls Robotic spaceship*

Maxbly: *found Maniac Robotic* There you are!

Maniac Robotic: What the heck?! How did you found me?!

Maxbly: Well, I'm here to stop you from destroy Mixopolis that you're invading Mixopolis.

Luqman2: *runs and stops* Well, I could help you to stop him, Maxbly.

Maxbly: Luqman2?

Luqman2: Yep, that's right! Now time for stop!

*Luqgirl2 controls airship and crashes into cockpit robotic spaceship*

*Airship door opens and Luqgirl2 jump out from airship*

Luqgirl2: Hey!

Luqman2: Luqgirl2?

Luqgirl2: Yep, it's me!

Luqman2: Oh, would you join my team?

Luqgirl2: Sure, I guess.

Maniac Robotic: Well well well, I could stop all of you from saving Mixopolis! But now I'm... *take his head off*

Piri: ...PIRI!

Luqman2, Maxbly and Luqgirl2: PIRI?!

Piri: That's right, I'm sick all of you are going to fail my plan, I created Robotic and Maniac Robotic, so, I could take over the Mixopolis! Muhahahahahaha!

Luqgirl2: But, I throught we're friends.

Piri: Friends? NO! Why I need friends when I got this? I'm evil mixel now! Hahahahaha!

Homestar Runner: HEY, STUPID MIXEL! *uses broken Compy 386 monitor* USE THE OLD ONE! *throws broken Compy 386 monitor on Piri but Piri jumps out from Maniac Robotic's body, broken Compy 386 monitor hits Maniac Robotic's body then Piri landed*

Piri: Oh, SHUT UP! I'm going to defeat all of you!

Luqgirl2: Well, we'll see about that.

*Luqgirl2 jumps and fighting Piri*

Piri: Take that! *hits Luqgirl2 with her hand*

Luqgirl2: Ow! Grrrrr... *hits Piri back with her leg*

*Piri fighting back Luqgirl2*

Homestar Runner: Oh no! Luqgirl2 is losing! I better stop her!

*Homestar Runner kicks Piri off*

Piri: Ahhhhhh!!! *hits on ground* Ow... you win this time... *gets up* ugh, for now....I'll press...SELF-DESTUCT BUTTON! *press self-destruct button* Goodbye! *runs away*

*cuts to escape pod where Piri going inside escape pod*

Piri: Muhahahaha! *escaped*

*cuts to sky*

Piri (off-screen): This is what you get for...

*Mix-plane appears and escape pod crashed by mix-plane*

Piri (off-screen): ...being your enemies...

*Robotics spaceship is shaking, red alert sound happens*

Luqgirl2: Oh crud! It's going to blow! Quick! Go to escape pod!

*Luqgirl2, Luqman2 and Maxbly runs away*

*cuts to escape pod where Luqgirl2, Luqman2, Maxbly, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Erin, Brandon, Snakey, Strong Mad and the other Mixels and Homestar Runner characters was here*

Homestar Runner: Oh crap! there's none escape pod, how we going to do?

Pom Pom: *bubbles*

Snakey: I'm worried about that...

Strong Sad: Oh no, we can't escape this spaceship!

Homsar: *appears* I'm here!

Erin: Homsar?!

Homsar: Yep, I can help all of you escape this spaceship!

Maxbly: So, you want to help us?

Homsar: Sure! I can help all of you! *grabs Luqgirl2, Luqman2, Maxbly, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Erin, Brandon, Snakey, Strong Mad and the other Mixels and Homestar Runner characters* Hang on... *all of them was teleported to Mixopolis including himself*

*cuts to Mixopolis*

*Homsar, Luqgirl2, Luqman2, Maxbly, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Erin, Brandon, Snakey, Strong Mad and the other Mixels and Homestar Runner characters appeared*

*Robotic spaceship explodes, falls down and crashes into ground*

LrianGeo: Whoa, is that Homsar?

Homsar: Yes, but I had to save Mixopolis.

Frostier: Wow! they saved Mixopolis, and stopped Robotics.

Golk: You saved Mixopolis?

Homsar: Yes, I did!

Golk: Oh my god! They saved Mixopolis, EVERYONE! LOOK!

*snap camera sounds with white fade out and in, Newspaper appears that title says "HOMSAR SAVED MIXOPOLIS" with a picture of Homsar*

*back to Mixopolis Middle School*

*Maxbly comes back to Mixopolis Middle School*

Nikkira: Maxbly, Why are you taking so long?

Maxbly: Because they saved Mixopolis, even they stopped robotics...

Nikkira: Oh, ok, now back to party anyways.

*Luqman2 comes back to Mixopolis Middle School*

Luqman2: Gary, I've good news for you!

Gary: Okay, what is it?

Luqman2: We have stopped Robotics and saved Mixopolis, also Robotic spaceship crashed.

Gary: Cool! That's great! Everymixels would cheers!

Maxbly: Huh? Well, that's why I'm hero, right guys?

Homsar: *appears* Yah, what are you doing, Maxbly?

Maxbly: Nothing, just sayin.

Homsar: Ok.

Maxbly: Well, that's all folks! The party is over.

Nikkira: I hope you enjoy books that you brought.

Maxbly: We'll see you next time in next year.

Maxbly and Nikkira: Bye!

*Maxbly and Nikkira leaves*

*at Mixopolis, at night where portal open to Free Country, USA*

Homestar Runner: Well, It's time to go home!

Luqman2: Well, Robotics is gone.

Carrie: We should thank all of you.

Marzipan: I think you saved us all!

Strong Bad: Thank you for saving us!

Strong Mad: THANKS!

The Poopsmith: *pulls sign says "You mixels are hero, thank you!"*

Frostier: Well, I got something for you. *pulls his cubit* here *gives his cubit to Coach Z*

Coach Z: Why, thank you.

Bubs: I have to say something for you.

LrianGeo: What is it?

Bubs: That's better places for us!

The King of Town: I think I'm going home to eat every food.

Homsar: It's all our hero, you know?

Homestar Runner: Before we go to our home, here's all of homestar runner figures.

*Homestar Runner gives all of homestar runner figures to Luqman2*

Luqman2: Thanks!

Homestar Runner: We have to go our home, Bye!

Luqman2, Luqgirl2, Golk, LrianGeo, Carrie,
Frostier, Gary, Snakey and Lathy: Bye! *waves to all 12 main Homestar Runner*

*All 12 main characters going to portal to going to Free Country, USA, then portal closes and disappears*

Luqman2: Well, that was the greatest day I ever had.

Bounceum: *walks and stop* Hey, Luqman2?

Luqman2: Yes?

Bounceum: Did you heard that news about Robotic was stopped?

Luqman2: What?

Bounceum: Just look at this! *pulls newspaper that title says "HOMSAR SAVED MIXOPOLIS" with a picture of Homsar*

Luqman2: I saw that.

Frostier: Hey, Where's Piri?

Luqman2: She was at island.

*cut to island where Piri got stuck*

Piri: *sigh* I'm heartbroken, Can get my life getting worse? I wish I could go back to Mixopolis... *cries*

*white fade out and in to drawn Piri stuck at island on last paper sheet of Luqman2's dairy*

Luqman2 (off-screen): And so, Piri got stuck at island for being evil I think, she got no chance to go back to Mixopolis ever, The End.

*cut to Luqman2's bedroom*

Luqman2: Alright, That's all, It's my story. *closes his diary* I think it's time to go to bed. *goes to bed* I think I would be a superhero.

*cut to outside of Luqman2's house at night*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Good night! *turns off the light*

Piri: *walks* Silly!

Robotics is on total chaos in Mixopolis, Luqman2 and his sidekick needs to stop them, when they crashed into Robotic spaceship, It's going to be rage against the forces of evil, Can Luqman2 and his sidekick save the mixopolis, Will ever save all 7 main Homestar Runner characters and Mixels? That's what they needs to save the day, and foil Maniac Robotic's plan.

Part 2: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…

Luqman2, Luqgirl2, Maxbly, Erin (Erin Mixison), Brandon (Brandon Robie) and Nikkira is belongs to me

Snakey is belongs to :iconpinkstarfazbear1987:

Piri is belongs to :iconthejuaninfangirl:

LrianGeo is belongs to :iconlockie825-400:

Frostier is belongs to :iconconor825-500:

Golk is belongs to :icongolkmixelart:

Gary is belongs to :iconangrybirdsandmixels1:

Carrie is belongs to :iconbeansthecat:

Lathy is belongs to :icondrawingstar12:

Bounceum is belongs to :iconredshamrock56:

Homestar Runner is belongs to The Brothers Chaps

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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