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*Luqman2 is brushing his teeth in his bathroom*

Luqman2 (off-screen): I knew that Robotic is going to be challenging, but I never expected to saving Lathy, Homestar Runner Marzipan, and crashed to ruined their dinner.

*Luqman2 stopped brushing his teeth, becomes unhappy*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Hey, I'm not stupid, I wasn't superhero, but never stopped me from starring in the mirror and wishing, Who was I kidding? My situition was hopeless, I never change the world, Hey I have a brilliant idea.

*Luqman2 draws muscle chest on mirror with his toothpaste*

Luqman2 (off-screen): By using my awesome drawing skills, Do you what that means? It all started with Robotics capturing Lathy, Homestar Runner and Marzipan, He pushed me to the vent, and ruined their dinner, I'm not going to lie, I was FREAKED! but give me a break, I was planning to save all 11 Homestar Runner characters, but It was about to be captured by Robotics, I'm so screwed about that.

*cut to Luqman2 that he's in vent*

Luqman2: *going to super speed while he's on souped-up oversized skateboard in vent* Whoa, I feel like a SUPERHERO, I can fight EVIL and save GOOD! wait a mintue...

*Vent door appears that he's going too fast to crash*

Luqman2: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

*Luqman2 slam through the ventilation system into table and then crashed their dinner*

*Robotic #1, #2 and Maniac Robotic suprised*

*Luqman2 sits down on table*

Maniac Robotic: You're going to be dead meat!

Robotic #1: Grrrrrr...

Robotic #2: It's game over for you, kid.

Luqman2 (off-screen): It was...WORST DAY EVER!!

Mixels and Homestar Runner: HomeMixology Part 2: Robotic Mayhem

Snakey: Huh? What's that? Hmmmm... *sees Luqman2 and Robotics* OH NO! I better save him now, *runs* Luqman2! I'm going to save you!

Maniac Robotic: It's Snakey, CAPTURE HER!

Robotic #1 and 2: *trying to caputre Snakey*

Snakey: *kicks and punchs Robotic #1 and 2, lands, heavy breathing*

Maniac Robotic: Grrrr! I'll get him for this! *capture Luqman2*

Luqman2: Nooooo!!

Maniac Robotic: *runs away quickly*

Snakey: Oh man, he's getting away, hmm, I better find any of things to rescue him.

*cuts to gym*

Strong Bad: Ugh, I can't believe we have been captured by stupid robots.

The Cheat: Meh meh, meh meh meh, meh meh meh meh meh.

*Snakey enters gym*

Snakey: Hey.

Strong Bad: Hello, who are you?

Snakey: I'm Snakey, Luqman2 has been captured, so I have to untie two of you. *unties Strong Bad and The Cheat*

Strong Bad: Whoa, you saved us... but I need to do things.

The Cheat: Meh meh meh meh meh.

Strong Bad: The Cheat, we need to save all 7 main Homestar Runner characters left.

Snakey: Well, we better going to get more things.

*at locker hall d*

Snakey: I'm finding things my locker.

Strong Bad: What's things are?

Snakey: I got box of cookie, a rope, and net!

The Cheat: Meh meh meh meh.

Snakey: *sees Robotic #3*

Snakey: Oh no! I better capture him!

*3 mintues later*

Robotic #3: *eats cookie* Nom nom nom nom. *realize that there's no more cookie* Aw, dang it.

Snakey: Oooh, Robotic, what I got cookie for you!

Robotic #3: REALLY?! I wanted a cookie!

Snakey: *runs away*

Robotic #3: *runs and stops* What's this? *grab paper says "Hey Robotic, do you want more cookie? There's more cookie at gym. from Maniac Robotic"* OH I'M GOING TO GET MORE COOKIES! *going on gym* Huh?!

*Rope captures Robotic #3's left leg*

*turns on fan*

Robotic #3: WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!

*rope throws Robotic #3 to net*

Robotic #3: WHOOAAA!!! *getting captured by net* Dang...

Snakey: Gotcha!


*Backboard going up*

Backboard voice: Backboard going up, please stand clear, Backboard going up, please stand clear.

Strong Bad: That's what he gets for capturing us!

The Cheat: Meh.

Snakey: Come on, guys, We going to save Luqman2!

*At principal office*

Luqman2: Ugh, now I can't take rope off...

Snakey: Hey!

Luqman2: Hi! I think your going to save me?

Snakey: Yep.

Snakey: *unties Luqman2*

Luqman2: Finally!

Homestar Runner: Hey, I think you're really cute.

Snakey: Thanks, now I think we need to-

Homestar Runner: Look, a door, let's get out of here!

Marzipan: Homestar, don't be silly, that's door vent.

Homestar Runner: Oh, to the door! *opens door*

Maniac Robotic: *scares Homestar Runner* ROARRR!!!

Homestar Runner: OH CRAP!!!

Maniac Robotic: Where you think are going?


Maniac Robotic: Too bad for you! Time for capture!

Homestar Runner: WAH! EVERYONE RUN!!!

*Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Luqman2 and Snakey runs away from principal office, but Snakey trips*

Snakey: Guys! Wait for me! *gets up*

Maniac Robotic: *captures Snakey* GOTCHA!

Snakey: AHHHH! HELP ME!!!


Maniac Robotic: I finally got her! *runs away*



Maxbly: Gosh, where is Luqman2? he's haven't come back party yet. I'll find him, stay the party, Nikkira.

Nikkira: Alright then, You can go.

Maxbly: *going to upstairs* Hmm, I think I'll go to science classroom. *going to science classroom* *sees Maniac Robotic, Snakey and Luqman2* WHAT THE?!

Maniac Robotic: You won't save her for this!

Snakey: HELP ME!!!

Luqman2: Oh yeah, I'll see about that!

*Robotic spaceship appears*

Luqman2: WHAT THE?!

Maniac Robotic: I'll take over the earth, I'll see you in next year after I took over the earth, Goodbye! *Jumps to Robotic spaceship while he holding Snakey*


*Robotic spaceship fly away*

Luqman2: I'll get you next time!!!

Homestar Runner: *enters science classroom* Oh boy, He's got away...

Marzipan: Homestar, don't cry.

Homestar Runner: *lay down and cries*

Marzipan: *sigh*

Luqman2: Well, we'll have to save Snakey.

Maxbly: There's robotic to capture us! So, let's call Erin! *calls Erin*

Maxbly: Hello?

Erin: Hey there.

Maxbly: So, he's captured Snakey, we need to stop them to save Mixels and all 7 Homestar Runner characters, can you help us?

Erin: Sure, I'm on my way.

Maxbly: Thanks. *touchs end call*

Erin: *runs and stops* Hey there!

Maxbly: Hi! So, are you going us to save them?

Erin: Yeah, I can help you to save them.

Luqman2: Well, We better stop them!

Strong Bad: *walks and stops* Oh dear, here comes a big trouble...

*Robotic spaceship invades Mixopolis*

Homestar Runner: Well, How we supposed to stop them?

Erin: Well, there's one way to do to stop Robotics.

*Luqman2, Maxbly, Erin, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Marzipan and The Cheat going outside from Mixopolis Middle School*

Erin: Time to save them!

*Luqman2, Maxbly, Erin, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Marzipan and The Cheat runs and jumps, then paused*

Narrator: When, we last left our hero, Luqman2 and his sidekick has going to Robotic spaceship to stop them and save all 7 Homestar Runner characters and Mixels. Will they stop Robotic and save them, or Will they failed to stop them when Robotic has taken over Mixopolis? We'll find out next time.

When we last left our hero, Luqman2, he crash-landed on top of Yummy Crunchy Cheese Crust Monster pizza after getting pushed by Homestar Runner to taking tumble through the vents at Mixopolis Middle School-and he was been captured by Robotics, Will Luqman2 be shredded to bits like mozzarella cheese on the yummy crunchy cheese crust pizza of doom? Can Snakey gets 3 things to rescue him?

Part 3: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…
Part 1: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…

Luqman2, Maxbly, Nikkira and Erin (Erin Mixison) is belongs to me

Lathy (mentioned) is belongs to :icondrawingstar12:

Snakey is belongs to :iconpinkstarfazbear1987:

Homestar Runner is belongs to The Brothers Chaps

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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