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*At The Field, at night*

Homestar Runner: Marzipan, do you know that there's no bad guys?

Marzipan: Um, Homestar, just give it up, ok? I'm trying to-

*meteor falls down*

Homestar Runner: Whoa, what's that?

Marzipan: It's meteor.

*meteor crashes landed*

*Homestar Runner and Marzipan coming to meteor*

Homestar Runner: Whoa, It's coming down, I think it's must be-

*meteor opens and hand appears*

Homestar Runner: ...Evil...

*hand grabs both Homestar Runner and Marzipan*

Homestar Runner and Marzipan: AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bubs: What's going on?

Coach Z: I think they has plan to capture everyone...

Strong Bad: Oh no! You'll not!


The Cheat: Meh, meh, meh.

Strong Bad: You know we going to save them, come guys let's...

*second hand comes*

Strong Bad: Uh oh...

*second hand grab Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat*

Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat: AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bubs: Dang it, How we supposed to save them?

Coach Z: I know I'll figure out how to-

*Robotic captured all main Homestar Runner characters expect Homsar*

Robotic: Sir, we've captured all main homestar runner characters.

Manaic Robotic: Good. *evil laugh*

Mixels and Homestar Runner: HomeMixology Part 1: a New Heroes

*at Luqman2's house, at morning*

Luqman2: *snoring*

*alarm clock happens*

Luqman2: *hit snoze button* Ahh, what a great day, I think I'll go eat breakfest.

Luqman2: *going to downstairs and living room, sits on couch, turns on laptop* Huh? what's this?

*News appears says "Robotic is capturing all characters! all main Homestar Runner characters has been captured, the next target is Mixels!"*

Luqman2: OH DEAR, I'll better save Homestar Runner and others, because It's my favorite characters! *going outside and stops* Wait! what's this? *grab paper says "You're invited to Maxbly and Nikkira party, meet us at Mixopolis Middle School"* Cool, i'll go for now! Hey Gary!

Gary: Yes?

Luqman2: Look we've invited at Maxbly and Nikkira party!

Gary: Cool, but I never met them before.

Luqman2: You know what? Let's go!

*At Mixopolis Middle School*

Maxbly: Welcome to Maxbly and Nikkira party, thank you for all coming to Mixopolis Middle School.

Nikkira: And we have Dork Diaries books and The Misadventures of Max Crumbly books that you can buy it.

Maxbly: We also have food and drinks.

Nikkira: Right now, we'll play the music, Hope you enjoy the party.

*Music plays*

Luqman2: Wow, this is so great, isn't it?

Gary: Yeah, it's cool.

*everymixel cheering*

???: Help me!

Luqman2: Whoa! Someone capturing that mixel, one sec, Maxbly, Can I use the bathroom?

Maxbly: Sure thing, you can go to bathroom, be quick now.

Luqman2: Alright! *going to locker hall*

Luqman2: Hmm, where are you? *walks*

*He tries to find one mixel, but it failed*

Luqman2: *sigh* I can't find them.

Luqman2: Wait, I know I'll go on my locker, and drill into boiler room!

*Luqman2 going in his locker use drill wall into hole and grab to uses flashlight*

Luqman2: Whoa, it's dark in here. It's boiler room, maybe I think I'll going to vent and check to see they captured them or not.

*He going to vent to see*

Luqman2: OMG, look, It's Lathy! and they captured her.

*He's going out to vent*

Luqman2: Hey, What did Robotic captured you?

Lathy: Yes, they did, I was walking outside.

Luqman2: I'll untie you. *untie Lathy*

Lathy: Thanks!

Arrestso: *kick door to open* Lathy, we coming you...?

Luqman2: Hey Arrestso!

Arrestso: Hey, you saved Lathy?

Luqman2: Yes, I did.

Bounceum: Well, I think Robotic are capturing Mixels.

Carrie: LATHY! *runs and hugs Lathy* Ooh, I miss you so much.

Lathy: I miss you too.

Luqman2: Well, I've plan to save all main Homestar Runner characters, I'm going to! *going to vent*

Arrestso: I hope he's okay.

*Luqman2 crawling the vent until it happens*

Homestar Runner: Help! they captured us, please help us!

Marzipan: Look! It's mixel!

Luqman2: *comes out from vent and lands* That's right!

Homestar Runner: Who are you?

Luqman2: I'm Luqman2, someone just created evil robot called "Robotic", it made Maniac Robotic, the king of Robotic, so I'm here to save all main Homestar Runner.

*He unties Homestar Runner and Marzipan*

Marzipan: Thank you for saving us, now what?

Luqman2: I don't know, i'll find out!

Homestar Runner: Alright, how we gonna to stop Robotic?

Luqman2: Maybe, follow me!

*Luqman2 going to vent and crawl, Homestar Runner and Marzipan follow him*

*Luqman2 seeing Maniac Robotic and his minions*

Maniac Robotic: Good robot, you captured them, now there's more mixels to capture, CAPTURE THEM!

Robotic #1 and #2: Alright! *runs away*

Luqman2: *gasp* Oh no! they want to capture all mixels including me! That's does it, I'm calling right now.

*cuts to the main office where Luqman2 calls MCRF*

Luqman2: Hello, This is an emergency, I want to stop those robotic in progress at Mixopolis Middle School.

Mixel Mixa Cheesy Worker (off-screen, telephone dialing): Excuse me, but is this phone prank call?

Luqman2: NO! It's an emergency! is this MCRF?

Mixel Mixa Cheesy Worker (off-screen, telephone dialing): Sorry but this is Mixa Cheesy, If you're trying to call MCRF, you dialed the wrong number, Goodbye!

Robotic #1 (off-screen): WAIT!! Don't hang up for us, We tryin to order a pizza with crust cheesy and chesee breadsticks!

Robotic #2 (off-screen): Don't forget soda kaboom!

Robotic #1 (off-screen): and hot combo spicy chicken wings!

Luqman2: Okay then, put emily on the phone-

*Robotic #1 and #2 sees Luqman2, Homestar Runner and Marzipan, taps on windows*

Luqman2: OH NO! We freaked out!

Homestar Runner: Oh crap! It's robotics! We better escape!

*Luqman2, Homestar Runner and Marzipan comes to vent and crawl away quickly*

*Robotic #1 opens the door*

*Robotic #1: Dang it, they escaped!

*Robotic #1 and 2 going out from the main office*


*cut to inside vent where Luqman2, Homestar Runner and Marzipan crawling in vent*

Luqman2: Just great MCRF was taken over...

Homestar Runner: Yeah, right, we should go to Princpal office.

*Luqman2, Homestar Runner and Marzipan going out from vent to Principal office*

Luqman2: Whoa, this is Principal office, but he's not here right now. But hey, he awarded his bowling bowl trophy, and his index card.

Homestar Runner: Hey, I played bowling bowl 16 years ago, I'm going to take his trophy! *takes his trophy*

Marzipan: Homestar, that's not nice to steal...

Homestar Runner: Well, I think It's just a weapon.

Marzipan: No, Homestar, just put it down.

Homestar Runner: Okay, *put Principal's trophy down* So, what are we going to do?

Luqman2: We need to do something.

*cuts to bathroom boys*

Luqman2: Well, I think we found souped-up oversized skateboard!

Homestar Runner: Well, should we stop them?

Marzipan: I dunno, but there's a chance to stop.....them?

*Luqman2 liedown body on souped-up oversized skateboard*

Homestar Runner: *open vent door* Okay, ready guys? 3, 2, 1, GO! *push him on souped-up oversized skateboard into vent*

*cut to Luqman2 that he's in vent*

Luqman2: *going to super speed while he's on souped-up oversized skateboard in vent* Whoa, I feel like a SUPERHERO, I can fight EVIL and save GOOD! wait a mintue...

*Vent door appears that he's going too fast to crash*

Luqman2: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

*Luqman2 slam through the ventilation system into table and then crashed their dinner*

*Robotic #1, #2 and Maniac Robotic suprised*

Luqman2: OOPS!! *grabs piece of pizza*

Narrator: When we lost our hero, Luqman2, he crashed through ventilation and ruined their dinner. Is this the final adventure of our hero, Luqman2? Will Luqman2 stop Robotics and save? Or will he be destroyed into great yummy piece of pepperoni on the half-baked PIZZA CRUNCHY CHESSE CRUST of DOOM? We'll find out next time.

Luqman2 is about to face Robotics because they captured all main Homestar Runner charactere expect Homsar, There's lot of great things about Maxbly and Nikkira party at Mixopolis Middle School, There's one evil king of robotics, Maniac Robotic, If only Luqman2 would be like a superhero, but unfortunately, Luqman2's almost supermixel ability to stop Robotics, it won't foil Robotics, but that doesn't mean Luqman2 won't his best to be here his school needs to save all 11 main Homestar Runner characters.

Part 2: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…

Luqman2, Maxbly and Nikkira is belongs to me

Gary is belongs to :iconangrybirdsandmixels1:

Lathy is belongs to :icondrawingstar12:

Arrestso and MCRF (mentioned) is belongs to :iconalex20191:

Bounceum is belongs to :iconredshamrock56:

Carrie is belongs to :iconbeansthecat:

Homestar Runner is belongs to The Brothers Chaps

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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