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Previously on Mixels.

*dramatic music plays*

*cuts to Mixopolis*

Chao-Evil Crystal: *Invades Mixopolis* Muahahahaha! Nobody can stop me now!

*mixels screaming and runs away*

*cuts to Infernite Kingdom*

*Flain keeps dodging*

Flain: He's trying attack me!

Demotic-Doom: Muahahahahahaha!

Luqman2: Hey, Stupid!

Demotic-Doom: Who said that?!

Luqman2: I did!

*cuts to Frozen Volcanoes*

*giant snowball rolling*

*Luqman2 runs*

Luqman2: Somebody destroy giant snowball rolling!

Gary: I can do this! *jumps and destroy giant snowball*

Luqman2: *pant* I'm going to grab you... *grabs her and walks away*

*cuts to Luqman2's house inside, living room*

Cryxel: *drinks hot chocolate* Thank you for saving me...

Luqman2: Your welcome.

Gary: Luqman2, I have some good news.

*cuts to Mixopolis*

Luqgirl2: *singing* What the?! *collapes into floating ground* Oh no! What's happening?!

*cut to black screen, dramatic music stopped and dunnnn cinamatic sound heard*

Mixels: The End Part 2: Goodbye Luqman2

*TV static heard and cut to Newzers News Broadcast*

Screeno: Breaking news, Chao-Evil Crystal is taking over Mixopolis, and Chao-Evil Crystal is going to kill mixels and destroy Mixopolis soon!

Arrestso: I'm going to save Mixopolis, because he trying to kill mixels and destroy Mixopolis!

*Arrestso leaves his home*

Locko: Did he take over Mixopolis?

Swato: Yea, he did, we must stop him before it's too late.

*Luqman2 Team Rush and The Cubit Squad comes to Chao-Evil Crystal*

Chao-Evil Crystal: Ohh, you're here to defeat me?

Luqman2: Yeah, we're here to defeat you, because I'm had enough of you, because you're trying to kill mixels and destroy Mixopolis!

Chao-Evil Crystal: Well, let's fight then.

Arrestso: LUQMAN2!

Luqman2: Huh?

Arrestso: *runs and stops* I'm here to help you!

Luqman2: That's great, we'll defeat you, Chao-Evil Crystal!

Chao-Evil Crystal: Oh no! Let's see about that!

*Luqman2 Team Rush, The Cubit Squad and Arrestso fighting against Chao-Evil Crystal*

Jordan: TAKE THIS! *punchs Chao-Evil Crystal*

Chao-Evil Crystal: OW!

Gio: How about that, Chaotic?

Chao-Evil Crystal: WHY YOU!

*Chao-Evil Crystal attacks Gio and Armanni but Gio and Armanni dodges*

Armanni: You can't get me, because I want you to be defeated!

Aquana: Take that! *uses water attack on Chao-Evil Crystal*

Sakura: *jumps and kicks Chao-Evil Crystal*

Chao-Evil Crystal: OUCH!

Gary: So, you're going to be weak, huh?

Chao-Evil Crystal: I'll... CAPTURE YOU ALL!!!

Chao-Evil Crystal: *captures Izaylin, Saharat, Aquana, Tobus, Sakura, Gary, Ramon, Valerie, Ismael, Jordan and Gio and Armanni* YOU CAN'T DEFEAT ME! I'M VERY STRONG! MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA! *grabs and throws Luqman2 away*

Luqman2: *falls down* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo.......

Arrestso: LUQMAN2, NO!

Sometime later...

Luqman2: Ugh, where am I? What is this place? Is this unknown place?

Female Voice (off-screen): Luqman2, did you remember that you got thrown by Chao-Evil Crystal?

Luqman2: Yes... I have been stay here for long time...

Female Voice (off-screen): Not long time...

*sad music violin played*

Aette (off-screen): I'm Aette, the angel white girl...

Luqman2: Well, I tried to defeat him, but no luck...

Aette (off-screen): I can help you defeating him... I'll give you superpower...

*Aette gives superpower to Luqman2*

Luqman2: Thanks, now how I get back?

Aette (off-screen): Easy, I'll teleport you back to Mixopolis to defeat him...

*Aette teleports Luqman2 back to Mixopolis*

*fade into Mixopolis*

Arrestso: *being weak* You won't win this time...

Chao-Evil Crystal: No, your going to lose! Hehehehehe!

Luqman2 (off-screen): I'm not done with you, Evil Cry!

Chao-Evil Crystal: WHAT?! *looks at Luqman2* HOW DID YOU COME BACK?!

Luqman2: I got superpower, I have to defeat you now!

Chao-Evil Crystal: Well, let's see about that!

Luqman2: *use and play invisible guitar, after 6 seconds, floats*

Chao-Evil Crystal: Oh no, it can't be...

*fade out, then fade in into Luqman2 playing guitar*

*cut to Chao-Evil Crystal*

Chao-Evil Crystal: *crying*

*cut to Luqman2*

Luqman2: *still playing guitar* I'M FALLING IN BEFORE BEGINNNNNNNNNN!!! *Mixopolis is about to turn back into normal* I'M FALLING IN BEFORE BEGINNNNNNNNNN!!!

*Luqman2 breaks cage to free Izaylin, Saharat, Aquana, Tobus, Sakura, Gary, Ramon, Valerie, Ismael, Jordan and Gio and Armanni with guitar*

*Mixopolis is being turn back into normal*

*Void opens in sky*

*Chao-Evil Crystal being fly away into void*

Chao-Evil Crystal: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo.....

*fade out white*

Some time later...

*Mixopolis finally turned back into normal*

*At Mixopolis park*

Aquana: Luqman2! You did it! You saved us, and you saved Mixopolis!

Luqman2: Thank you!

Arrestso: Well, thanks for Mixopolis, now I have to-

Luqman2's Mom (off-screen): Luqman2, We are leaving Mixopolis right now, you have to come.

Luqman2: Okay, mom.

9 mintues later...

*LD2000's Mixels OC's comes in bus expect Luqman2*

Luqman2: Well, it's been very long time, I've visited Mixopolis.

Luqgirl2: Probably, I'm just your sister.

Luqman2: Really?

Luqgirl2: Yeah.

Arrestso: Well, your going to be missed.

Freeona: I really love your art, I miss you.

Mintila: Please don't leave Mixopolis, we miss you...

Saharat: It's good to see you that you're going to leave Mixopolis.

Gary: I have to say this, but your comic books are amazing.

Aquana: Well, I'll miss you... but, I could tell Flain about...

Flain: Hey Aquana.

Aquana: Hi Flain.

Flain: How you doing?

Aquana: Um, really sad, he's leaving Mixopolis.

Flain: Aw, I'll hug you... *hugs her*

Aquana: *smiles and blushes*

Sakura: Before you're leaving Mixopolis, I'll say... thank you for saving the Mixopolis, we'll miss you. By the way, here's the mixels controller. *give mixels controller to Luqman2*

Luqman2: Thanks, wait a minute...

*flashback starts*

*at Tobus' camp*

Tobus: Take that, noob. wow, that was so real legendary. *drinks soft drink*

*fade out white and fade in white to outside of Tobus' camp*

Tobus: Dude, I see that, Wow it's look like a real video game.

*The Vampire chases Luqman2 and Lqman4421*

Luqman2: I'm mixel, not mixels food.

Luqman2 and Lqman4421: Aahhhhhhhhh!!!

Tobus: This is totally cool!

*fade out white and fade in white to Tobus*

Tobus: My tent! No, that is not cool! *grab broken mixels controller*

*fade out white and fade in white to Luqman2*

Luqman2: Hey Vampire! Yum yum this! *uses mixels magic controller on The Vampire*

*flashback ends, cut to Luqman2*

Luqman2: *sniff* Thank you.

Luqman2's Dad (off-screen): Luqman2, we're leaving Mixopolis, come on, let's go.

Luqman2: Ok, dad, Bye mixels! *gets in bus*

*bus door closes, then bus drives away*

*Arrestso, Freeona, Mintila, Saharat, Gary, Sakura and Cryxel waves goodbye*

Sakura: Bye, We'll miss you so much!

*cut to bus that driving away*

Luqman2 (off-screen): Well, that was my final adventure, this is just amazing adventure, isnt it?


*cuts to table room*

*Jake John paused TV with remote*

Nick Miko: Wow, um, that was a decent mixels movie, but that was okay.

Jake John: Really?

Nick Miko: Yeah, that's was way to be too shorter, it's took too long to finish it.

Jake John: Yeah, but it was worth to end, right?

Nick Miko: No, really what... *seen that guy walking* It was expect written by uh, um... Luq-

Jake John: Actually, I made it already, people can read that, look at, hi.

*Ellis (from Left 4 Dead 2) waving hello while reading the book*

Jake John: That's Ellis, but...

*cut to Ellis and teenage girl*

Jake John: The first one died, it happens.

Nick Miko: I see.

Jake John: Remember, when he broke the window with his table and jump out from his house-

Nick Miko: *seen his watch* Okay, um, already, Jake. *leaves and closes door*

Jake John: ..... You know what? I'll end this for real. *unpaused TV with remote*

*fade out*

THE END! (for real)
Luqman2 Team Rush, The Cubit Squad and Arrestso is going to face Chao-Evil Crystal, Chao-Evil Crystal is going to kill Mixels and destroy Mixopolis, but they can stop them from taking over Mixopolis, Luqman2 Team Rush, The Cubit Squad and Arrestso is ready to fight him that he's trying to kill mixels and destroy mixopolis.

Part 1: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…

Luqman2 (my mixsona) and Luqgirl2 is belongs to me

Gary, Ramon, Valerie, Ismael, Jordan and Gio and Armanni is belongs to :iconangrybirdsandmixels1:

Arrestso, Locko, and Swato is belongs to :iconalex20191:

Aquana is belongs to :iconaquana145:

Sakura is belongs to :iconpogorikifan10:

Izaylin and Tobus is belongs to :iconiza200117:

Saharat is belongs to :iconsaharat:

Freeona is belongs to :iconmfloras:

Mintila is belongs to :iconp4nd4-st4r:

Cryxel is belongs to :iconcharisma-moon:

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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Let's your adventures be apart with you!

then sonicfangames1235 made a spin off called mixopolis shutdown based of cp shutdown and nobody liked it
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