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*in water*

*big mix-fish eats small fish, but mix-fish has turned into spike-mix-fish and pops it*

Izaylin (off-screen): Aww... my fish is popped... Can I go fishing?

*cut to Luqman2's car where Luqman2, Izaylin and Saharat inside car*

Saharat: We can't go fishing.

Luqman2: And we not allowed for fishing...

*flashback where they fishing at lake park*

*Luqman2 hooks and got bitten-cubit*

*Izaylin hooks and got damaged hat*

*Saharat shoots harpoons to water*

Saharat: Got one!

*Mix-Whale appeared from water, a boat gets on top on Mix-Whale*

*Flashback ends, cut back to Luqman2's car*

Luqman2: Well, at least we got Mix-Whale...

*cuts to outside of Luqman2's car that it holding Mix-Whale*

*cuts to inside of Luqman2's house*

Saharat: *singing* *seen Gary trying to open the door* Gary? How did you get here?

Gary: Well, um, someone take over Mixopolis...

Saharat: WHAT?!

*cuts to Luqman2*

Luqman2: WHAT?!

*cuts to outside of Luqman2's house*

*Luqgirl2 appears*

Luqgirl2: Say what?

*cuts to Luqman2's house inside*

Gary: Heheh, yeah right...

Mixels: The End Part 1: The Mixopolis Takeover

Luqman2: Hey, Gary. how do you know that he's taking over Mixopolis?

Gary: Well, hmmm, something evil happens...

*Flashback starts, cuts to dark cave*

Gary: You see? There's big cubit, but...

*cuts to Chao-Evil Crystal*

Gary: his name is Chao-Evil Crystal...

*Chao-Evil Crystal steals big cubit and disappears*

Gary: He stole big cubit, he disappeared...

*cuts to Chao-Evil Crystal taking over Mixopolis*

Gary: and He taking over Mixopolis...

*Flashback ends, cuts to Gary*

Gary: Well, that's all for now, But we need to stop him.

Chao-Evil Crystal (off-screen): MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*cuts to outside of Luqman2's house*

Luqman2: *open door* Oh dang! It's happening...

Chao-Evil Crystal: *Invades Mixopolis* Muahahahaha! Nobody can stop me now!

*mixels screaming and runs away*

Luqman2: Oh no... How we supposed to stop him? Hmmmm, *light blob appears on Luqman2 and bing sounds heard* IDEA!

2 mintues later...

*cut to Luqman2's house inside, living room*

Luqman2: Okay, mixel, listen up. Today we need to stop him.

Aquana: How do we stop him?

Luqman2: Well, first, we need to group up to defeat him, and then we can save the Mixopolis.

Sakura: Hmmm, Maybe, he hates mixels, so he cause the chaos...

Tobus: Yeah...

Valerie: Hey, Aquana!

Aquana: Hey there, Valerie.

Valerie: So whats happening to Mixopolis?

Aquana: He's taking over Mixopolis...

Valerie: Uh oh, this doesn't look good...

Ramon: Yeah...

Luqman2: We're Luqman2 Team Rush, now LET'S GO!

*at Infernite Kingdom*

Luqman2: Oh dear... it's flame destruction....

Aquana: What?!

Gary: Well, this is not going well...

Flain (off-screen): HELP!!!

Aquana: Oh no! Flain!

*Flain keeps dodging*

Flain: He's trying attack me!

Demotic-Doom: Muahahahahahaha!

Luqman2: Hey, Stupid!

Demotic-Doom: Who said that?!

Luqman2: I did!

Demotic-Doom: You idiot... Perfect timing to kill...

Ismael: OH NO! He's trying to kill him!

Tobus: ATTACK!

*Luqman2 Team Rush and The Cubit Squad fighting Demotic-Doom*

*Demotic-Doom lands*

Demotic-Doom: Well, do you think it's easy to beat? Well, take this! *use fire attack on Luqman2*

*Luqman2 dodges*

Luqman2: You can't beat me!

Tobus: KICK POWER! *kicks Demotic-Doom*

Demotic-Doom: OW! *becomes weak* Ugh... you mixels have won... BUT you won't save the Mixopolis this time, Muahahahahahaha! *disappears*

Valerie: That was crazy...

Flain: Aquana!

Aquana: Flain! *hugs Flain* Oooh, I really love you, Flain, you're just saved now...

Luqman2: Well, This place is now safe, BUT we need to save two places left.

Gary: Maybe? It must be Frozen Volcanoes.

Luqman2: Cryxel is being cold cause frozen... LET'S GO!

*at Frozen Volcanoes*

Cryxel: *being cold* I'm very cold.... if you don't help me, i'll be frozen to death...

Luqman2 (off-screen):FEAR NO MORE!

Cryxel: Huh?

Luqman2: We're here to save you!

Cryxel: Thank goodness, could you please help me?

Luqman2: Of course!


Luqman2: Uh oh, SNOWBALL!!!

*giant snowball rolling*

*Luqman2 runs*

Luqman2: Somebody destroy giant snowball rolling!

Gary: I can do this! *jumps and destroy giant snowball*

Luqman2: *pant* I'm going to grab you... *grabs her and walks away*

*at Luqman2's house*

*cuts to Luqman2's house inside, living room*

Cryxel: *drinks hot chocolate* Thank you for saving me...

Luqman2: Your welcome.

Gary: Luqman2, I have some good news, We saved 2 places, but we still need to save Mixopolis, but bad news is Chao-Evil Crystal is going to kill every mixels soon!

Luqman2: Well, we better stop him before it's too late! Let's GO!

Aquana: Luqman2, We can't go right now... Mixopolis is broken into floating grounds...

Luqman2: Aquana, don't be scared, we need to save the Mixopolis right now. LET'S GO!!


Luqgirl2: *singing* What the?! *collapes into floating ground* Oh no! What's happening?!

Chao-Evil Crystal is taking over Mixopolis, Luqman2 Team Rush and The Cubit Squad needs to save Infernite Kingdom and Frozen Volcanoes, Flain getting attack by Demotic-Doom and Cryxel is getting very cold causing frozen, Luqman2 Team Rush and The Cubit Squad needs to save the Mixopolis.

Part 2: luqmandeviantart2000.deviantar…

Luqman2 (my mixsona) and Luqgirl2 is belongs to me

Izaylin and Tobus is belongs to :iconiza200117:

Saharat is belongs to :iconsaharat:

Gary, Valerie, Ramon and Ismael is belongs to :iconangrybirdsandmixels1:

Aquana is belongs to :iconaquana145:

Sakura is belongs to :iconpogorikifan10:

Cryxel is belongs to :iconcharisma-moon:

Mixels is belongs to Cartoon Network and LEGO
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will my OC be in part 2?
Luqmandeviantart2000 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
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