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Warioware: Ashley 2018 by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Ashley 2018 :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 7 0 (Cooltastic ft.DuoXoul) Return of Red Demon Threat by Luqmandeviantart2000 (Cooltastic ft.DuoXoul) Return of Red Demon Threat :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 2 2 Warioware: Mona 2018 by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Mona 2018 :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 6 0 Penny Crygor X Anthony Fells by Luqmandeviantart2000 Penny Crygor X Anthony Fells :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 4 2 OC: Anthony Fells by Luqmandeviantart2000 OC: Anthony Fells :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 4 2 Warioware: 5-Volt by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: 5-Volt :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 6 0 (Cooltastic) The Red Darkness Demon Threat Part 2 by Luqmandeviantart2000 (Cooltastic) The Red Darkness Demon Threat Part 2 :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 3 8 (Cooltastic) The Red Darkness Demon Threat Part 1 by Luqmandeviantart2000 (Cooltastic) The Red Darkness Demon Threat Part 1 :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 4 2 Warioware: Penny Crygor 2018 by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Penny Crygor 2018 :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 8 0 DeviantART 18th Birthday Lineart by Luqmandeviantart2000 DeviantART 18th Birthday Lineart :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 4 1 Ryusuke Xander and Hunterion by Luqmandeviantart2000 Ryusuke Xander and Hunterion :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 4 0 Warioware: Mona and Ashley at Pool by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Mona and Ashley at Pool :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 8 2 Warioware: At Pool Park by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: At Pool Park :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 7 2 GameJolt Box: Smash Bros Lawl Slam Mayhem Gold by Luqmandeviantart2000 GameJolt Box: Smash Bros Lawl Slam Mayhem Gold :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 1 0 Warioware: Chemicals by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Chemicals :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 6 0 Warioware: Just Ashley by Luqmandeviantart2000 Warioware: Just Ashley :iconluqmandeviantart2000:Luqmandeviantart2000 5 3


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(Cooltastic ft.DuoXoul) Return of Red Demon Threat
Requested by :iconalex20191:.

After the event of The Red Darkness Demon Threat, Don Negaro revived the Dark Brothers (Darktic and Darkmed) to kidnap Kit and destroy everyone that defeat them, Jake John who witness Kit's Kidnap took the Xoul Watch Alpha after Kit throw his watch at him, Will Aquwar, Jake and the 5 DuoXouls rescue Kit before Negaro and the Dark Brothers destroy Nevervile? Watch and find out.

Don Negaro
Taylor (from Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack)
Wario (from WarioWare)
Young Cricket (from WarioWare)
Master Mantis (from WarioWare)
(The following ones were cameos)
Alex (from Gamebotz)
Luke (My Gamebotz OC, from Gamebotz)

Music used:
Kevin MacLeod - Faceoff
Kevin MacLeod - District Four
Ace Attorney - Surging Eye
Team Fortress 2 - Right Behind You
Team Fortress 2 - Intruder Alert
Super Meat Boy - Carmeaty Burana
Metal Slug 3 - Bioinformatics
Portal - Want You Gone
Kevin MacLeod - On My Way

I hope you enjoyed this movie.

No mean/hate comments allowed.

Jake John, Cathy Madison, Luke (Cameo) and Cooltastic (Me)
Kit, Aquwar, Rockon, Flazor, Vikezer, Flexorn, Snapain, Spikir, Dumbskull, Don Negaro, Neganites, Darva, DuoXoul, Alex (Cameo) and Gamebotz (alex20191)
Taylor (Flipline Studios)
Wario, Young Cricket and Master Mantis (WarioWare/Nintendo)
Penny Crygor X Anthony Fells
I decided to ship Penny Crygor X Anthony Fells.

I hope you enjoy. :)

Anthony Fells (Me)
Penny Crygor (WarioWare/Nintendo)
OC: Anthony Fells
Anthony Fells is male scientist who can make chemicals.

Name: Anthony Fells
Likes: Making chemicals and video games
Dislikes: Chemicals that can explode and broke up with Penny Crygor
Relationship: Penny Crygor

I hope you enjoy.

Anthony Fells (Me)
This series was created by me and the series inspired by worldofcaitlyn.

Wario Bullet; Green TNOH: Wario the Vampire
Mona Bullet; Green TNOH: Zombiepocalypse in Diamond City
Jimmy T. Bullet; Green TNOH: Jimmy T.'s Saw
Kat & Ana Bullet; Green TNOH: Ana's Horrible Nightmare
Ashley Bullet; Green TNOH: Ashley is Heartbroken
Dr. Crygor Bullet; Green TNOH: The Night of Fornk
Mike Bullet; Green TNOH: Karao-NOOOOO
9-Volt Bullet; Green TNOH: Video Game Overnight
Penny Bullet; Green TNOH: Her Chemical Death

Papa Louie Bullet; Green TNOH: Pizza Nightmare
Wally Bullet; Green TNOH: Horror on Fishing
Greg Bullet; Green TNOH: Greg's Bedtime Darkness
Mary Bullet; Green TNOH: Mary and the Evil Mirror
Sue Bullet; Green TNOH: Sue and the Monster
Allan Bullet; Green TNOH: The Most Haunted 
Robby Bullet; Green TNOH: Island Pain
Big Pauly Bullet; Green TNOH: The Evil Pepper
Alberto Bullet; Green TNOH: Alberto Cyborg
Penny Bullet; Green TNOH: Penny's Freezeria Failure
Captain Cori Bullet; Green TNOH: The Boat Horror
Ivy Bullet; Green TNOH: The Terrible Plane Crash
Utah Bullet; Green TNOH: Death Beach
Kahuna Bullet; Green TNOH: Nightmare on Surf
Gremmie Bullet; Green TNOH: Gremmie and his dark self
Ninjoy Bullet; Green TNOH: Evil Ninjoy
James Bullet; Green TNOH: Roof Repair with Fear
Willow Bullet; Green TNOH: Haunted Willow 
Trishna Bullet; Green TNOH: Trishna gets Trapped
Mayor Mallow Bullet; Green TNOH: Way to the Haunted Place
Scarlett Bullet; Green TNOH: The Dark Cave
Nevada Bullet; Green TNOH: Demon Nevada
Franco Bullet; Green TNOH: Franco's Missing Daughter

Team Fortress 2:
Scout Bullet; Green TNOH: Terror Deadly
Pyro Bullet; Green TNOH: Flame-Down
Demoman Bullet; Green TNOH: Hopeless Hospital
Heavy Bullet; Green TNOH: Sandvich Horror
Engineer Bullet; Green TNOH: Sentry Gun Panic
Soldier Bullet; Green TNOH: Darkness Monster
Medic Bullet; Green TNOH: How Medic Becomes Alien's Lunch
Sniper Bullet; Green TNOH: Terror Deadly Part 2
Spy Bullet; Green TNOH: Spy's Dark Clone

Bullet; Green = Finished
Bullet; Red = Not Finished Yet   

All characters is belongs to their respective owners.
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(Cooltastic feat.DuoXoul) Return of Red Demon Threat

Story:After the event of The Red Darkness Demon Threat,Don Negaro revived the Dark Brothers(Darktic and Darkmed) to kidnap Kit and destroy everyone that defeat them,Jake John who witness Kit's kidnap took the Xoul Watch Alpha after Kit throw his watch at him,Will Aquwar,Jake and the the 5 DuoXouls rescue Kit before Negaro and the Dark Brothers destroy Nevervile? Watch and find out


Scene 1(Revival of Dark Brothers):
(starts with the recap of TRDDT)

Don Negaro: now time for the revival of the Dark Brothers! Darktic dies from unknown fate,Darkmed erased from the existance now Dark Brothers REVIVE! *speaks in backward*

(a white screen flash as well as horror scream)

Darktic:who are you?

Darkmed:why did you revive us?

Don Negaro:i'm Don Negaro i'm the overlord of Negarian tribes and i'm here for you to kidnap Kit Peterson-

Darkmed:wait i know that kid who worked with Jake John he must be stripped from his power

(Don Negaro makes a evil laugh)

Scene 2(Kit's kidnap):
(Kit and Jake were playing with Gamebotz figures)

Jake:hey Kit these toy are fun to play

Kit:i know right?

(Dark Brothers appeared from the portal)

Darkmed:time to get kidnapped Kit!


(Aquwar rushed and entered and saw Dark Brothers)

Aquwar:Who are you!

Darktic:none of your business Aquwar!

(Darktic grabs Kit but Kit took of Xoul Watch Alpha off his wrist and throw it to Jake John)

Kit:Jake! save yourself! and use them like i use them!

(Dark Brothers took Kit and ran off and the portal disappeared)
(the earth zoomed out as Aquwar screamed no when Kit got kidnapped)

Jake:uh hello? i have Kit's watch right here

Aquwar: Oh right pardon us,that watch that Kit throw it at you was Xoul Watch Alpha our only Xoul Watch model,I'm explain about our origins-

Flazor:*dashed right in and put his hand on Aquwar's mouth*"whoa whoa whoa you don't want to hear his explaination!

Aquwar:Flazor stop doing that,He doesn't know what Xoulians and DuoXouls are!

Scene 3(Planning of Rescuing):

Jake:i get it so you are the DuoXouls and these medals are Xoul Medals right?


Jake:tell me Aquwar why did Darkmed appears? i thought he was erased! i don't get it!

Aquwar:Calm down Jake let my clairvoyance do it's job

(Aquwar close his eyes and put his finger on side of his head)
(the scene cuts to first person view of Don Negaro)

Don Negaro:now with out the Xoul Watch,he is helpless and cannot summon his DuoXouls friend!

Darkmed:but Negaro i saw him throw his watch to Jake John

(the scene cuts back to Aquwar and Jake John)

Aquwar:They're working Don Negaro!

(Don Negaro hijacks the DuoXouls Alpha's Computer screen)

Don Negaro:Aquwar... Jake... if you want to rescue Kit i;m switching to Darktic

Darktic:if you don't save him we'll kill your sister Cathy Madison and your family! you have 2 hour to save him

(the calls ends)

Aquwar:I don't like that sound of it! Rockon! Flazor! get ready to Duolize! Zapzird use your Mechcar! Flexorn! Snapain! guard the outside while we're saving Kit! Jake! tell Taylor to get anyone to use the Lazer Cannon! Vikezer! Dumbskull! guard the Negarian Lairs gates cause we need to get out safety! i'll use the Dark Hazard Xoul Medal to fight Don Negaro!

Jake: okay then*calls Taylor*

Scene 4(The Showdown):
(the DuoXouls bust the door down)


Aquwar: Darkmed didn't say anything about challenge yet!

Darkmed:hey! why did you-

Aquwar:I read your mind!

Don Negaro:GET THEM!

(Darva unleashed the hoards of Neganites)

Aquwar:Jake Duolize!

(Jake John switch Xoul Watch to Duolize Mode and insert the Flazor Xoul Medal then pull it put and insert Rockon Xoul Medal)
(Flazor and Rockon combine to Flazor Rockon Best Match)
(Zapzird and Flazor Rockon Best Match fights the Dark Brothers)

Aquwar:Jake use my Dark Harzard Xoul Medal for me

(Jake John switch Xoul Watch to Form-Change Mode and inserts Dark Hazard Xoul Medal)
(Aquwar transform to Dark Hazard Form)

Aquwar:Give us a Kit back or else!

(Aquwar attacks Don Negaro 30 time and Don Negaro give Kit back)

Don Negaro: okay take him! you win for this!

(Kit walks toward to Jake John and reclaims his Xoul watch Alpha and put it on his wrist)

Kit:wait did Aquwar use Dark Hazard!?

Jake:he said to do it

(Aquwar(in his Hazard Form) hears explosion off screen)

Zapzird:Aquwar! he thrashed my Voltorque

Flazor:Aquwar we only win against Darkmed but not Darktic!

(Aquwar teleported and began to attack Darktic but got headache)

Aquwar:Ugh! my hazard limit!


(Aquwar went to Overflow Mode and punch Darktic really hard)


(Aquwar start to attack everyone but got stopped by Spikir causing him to revert back to his normal form)

Aquwar:Ugh...thanks for saving from my berserk

Spikir:we need to get out a here

Aquwar:*look at Don Negaro who is about to release more Neganites* oh right

(everyone screamed and ran away fast as they could,Flazor screamed like a girl while Aquwar roared like monster to let them know)

Vikzer:you hear that? that's Aquwar!

(everyone bolted out of the gate)

Aquwar:Wario activate the Lazaer Cannon!

Wario:uh huh! sure!*pulls the lever*

(the Lazer Cannon fired and destroys Negarian Lair)

Aquwar:Whew! that was close!

(the fake credit scene rolls)

Aquwar(off-screen):that's right go home! go away! you're bothering us get out!

(the fake credit scene interrupted by Cathy Madison)

Cathy:wait hold on! i have question why there's a Gamebotz character as a toy? why did Aquwar hates Unikitty? why-

Aquwar:Quiet Cathy! you have seen everything!

Master Mantis:get him Cricket!

Aquwar:what!?*gets take down by Cricket* Hey! let go of me i'm not a villain! let me go! NOOOOOOOO!

(Kit,Jake and Cathy laughs at Aquwar)
(the credit scene rolls)

Jake John
Don Negaro(Villain)

Cathy Madison
Master Mantis

Alex(Gambotz)(as toy)
Luke(Your Gamebotz OC)(as toy)

DuoXouls OC (Flazor rockon Best Match)
DuoXoul OC 2 (Vikezer,Flexorn,Snapain,Dumbskull and Spikir)
DuoXoul:Negarians (Don Negaro,Darva and Neganites Phase 1)
DuoXoul:Aquwar forms (Aquwar Hazard Phase 3 and Orverflow)

Intruder Alert(TF2)(When Aquwar orders his members to do as he say)
Right Behind You(TF2)(When Don Negaro and Darktic calls Aquwar and Jake about saving Kit or not)
Surging Eye(Ace Attorney)(When Aquwar is using his 

Sound Effects: (When Aquwar transform into Hazard Form) (When Aquwar went to Overflow Mode) (When Aquwar roar to let them know)

NOTE:Flazor,Don Negaro are voiced through text to speech just like you did with Darkmed
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