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LupusStrix are a CLOSED species, made by CoypuCoyote

Seeing as they have no eyes. They are blind! Because of this. They have enlarged ears for enhanced hearing. And long VERY sensitive whiskers at the base of the beak and above the eyes.
This helps them get around without bumping into everything.
The upper half of their bodies and covered in feathers. And the lower half is fur. They are not part cat, but part wolf. Hence the name "LUPUS"strix.
Their feathers are coated in a slick oil that makes them water repellant. This oil is unlike any other and is very potent. Therefore, the strix is hunted near extinction so people can harvest their oily feathers.
Strix are the size of a large horse. Of corse. Just like everything. Their sizes vary. But that is the typical size.

Strix have a wide array of sounds.
They can chuff like tigers. They do not purr! They also make high pitched Caw sounds. But not often. They are usually very quiet and docile creatures.
The most common sound you will hear from a strix is a deep humm from deep in their chests. Male strix are usually brighter colors than females, but not always.
Males and females both have a large dewclaw on their front legs. The males claws are larger than females.

The way strix reproduce is a little complex. Once a female is impregnated by a male. The female almost immediately lays a clutch of eggs. The male then takes those eggs and "eats" them. Storing them in a pouch in his chest called his "Gull" (females do not have this) he then hold the eggs there until they hatch. When they do hatch. The egg shells are absorbed into the males digestive system. Giving him good vitamins that he needs.
Then. The babies remain in their amniotic sacks. As the male regurgitates them.
Strix mate for life. And if a male never finds a mate. His lifespan will be shortened. As he will not get the life giving vitamins from the eggs that he needs.

When it comes to eating. Strix eat Bones, very dry bones. They do not eat anything else. Because of this. Their bodies produce a thick, wet, hot steam that softens the dry bones.
They do not have teeth or tongues so they rely on softening the bones and then swallowing them whole.

The environment where the strix live is an area high up in the deepest parts of the worlds canyons.
They live among steep, rocky cliffs. LupusStrix are amazing climbers. Their long tails help keep them balanced, like a rat on a tight rope!
They can scale a cliff with ease. Like the greatest mountain goat that ever lived.
They make their dens in small caves found within cliff walls. Where they live it's very humid and almost constantly foggy. The thick mist is what keeps the oil in their feathers so nice.
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