I can't write poetry for dead girls.

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there are too
many pills in this
world and too
much misery in
the human heart
but that didn't mean
that you could just
up and leave when
we both know it
could have gotten better
and i miss you like
a wolf misses her pack
or a goddamn dragon misses
her fire and i'm sorry
that i can't give you
a bouquet of jasmines
(they were your
favorite, after all,
because that was
the only princess
with a pet tiger)
because poppies are
too cliche and i'm
sorry i wasn't there
when all you needed
was a hug and for someone
to whisper "it's okay,
you're perfect enough
for me, don't listen
to that junkie bitch
who just happened to
give birth to you" and did
you know that i'm still waiting
for a reply to that one
email about the world's
best puns because fuck,
there's a stubborn part
of me that still refuses to
believe that you're gone.
I really can't.

So this is just words strung together as I think about you.

I miss you.

I wish I could have been there.

I know I should try to forget but I just need to write this for you.

© 2014 - 2021 lupus-astra
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SandWren's avatar
Reading this almost makes me feel emotionally drained. I can feel the heart-ache and the sadness you inscribed in it. And I'm sorry (even years later after this is published) that you had to go through that. 
Anileseybear's avatar
This reminds me of Ashley. Thank you for this. :l And I'm really sorry that your friend died but saying that won't take the pain away. Just keep writing... It helps.
Vulpesvulpes6000's avatar
*says nothing. Gets up and walks over and gives hug.*
GuesssWho9's avatar
I've never understood why people get angry at someone who committed suicide. It seems awfully selfish, to immediately focus on how their death affects you.

I'm sorry your friend died, btw
kmull49's avatar
its a fantastic poem and i sad and sorry at wat u must still be going trough.
primalfuryan's avatar
:iconaparazita-r::iconsquirrelflight-77:Your artwork has been graciously featured in Titans Genuine Literature feature ,stay wonderful!Hug:iconsquirrelflight-77::iconaparazita-r:
KMusicDreamer's avatar
I'm sorry that you're going through this. There is no words to fix your heart, but I just want you to know that you're strong. That this poem is beautiful. That I cried. That you should never give up on your dreams, or writing. That everything is done, and you should live for her now, if not for yourself. I'm sure she would want that. I hope you feel some sort of comfort from what I'm saying, for I do care. -internet hugs- Hug 
KMusicDreamer's avatar
Also, I know I recognized your name on here. I absolutely loved your poem, "How to love a girl who can't love herself." It was beautifully and perfectly executed. It's in my favorites and I shared it with my Facebook friends, and they absolutely adored it. Had countless likes. So I Hope some of them checked out your work. You deserve it.
ShalimarAOrion's avatar
This is what poetry is. Emotions on paper. *sob* :'/
Cevelr's avatar
This is beautiful.
My heart aches just reading this...
I can feel the emotion in each and every line.

The title of this poem just perfect.
I completely ignored the title until the end,
and I feel that made the finishing blow on my soul.

I hope by writing this you feel a little closure.
Rukikato1999's avatar
Well this must be the most real poetry I've ever seen. Wow.
PrettyRad-PrettySad's avatar
This is the only poem that has ever made me break down crying. It's beautiful. If you ever need anyone to talk to about this, or anything for that matter, just message me.
darksack100's avatar
That title makes the most sense out of any title I've seen today
LoveArt1399's avatar
I could just feel the emotion behind it!Waaaah! I am sorry
beleave's avatar
o and simply an opinion from some random person, however i feel compelled to state that i strongly
feel / think that you "should try to forget." that's a little weak for my taste, to borrow a phrase, and from your strung-out words (no pun intended, seriously) that forgetting is way too weak for your taste, as well.
~~ shrugs ~~

--keep on,
beleave's avatar
i have to state that i love the title. the rest is so personal, it isn't for me to comment except to state that your enjambment, that your line breaks are well-done.
Desiree407's avatar
Oh gosh...

I've never known this kind of sorrow, so my "I feel for you" must be so empty... but for what it's worth, I do. :(
GlazedUnicorns's avatar
Oh my gosh, dear.. :iconsadhugplz: 
12345AQUARIOUS's avatar
you can really feel the power behind the words of the narrator, sad but good poem for showing strong emotions in a difficult situation
Waffles-Of-Gondolyn's avatar
Thank you for writing this. My feelings just... Into words. If that makes any sense. 
Vallestin's avatar
This is amazing 
when in
doubt you
Must depend
on really good
line breaks
to make
your poem even more
fucking cool than it already is
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