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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story -END
Snow covered the carrot fields and icicles hung from the trees. A cold wind swayed the bare branches and blew gusts of powdery snow into the valley. But indoors, all was merry and warm at the Hopps family household. Bunnies dressed in festive colours gathered around the tree to watch their big sister put the star on top, a tradition in the Hopps family.
"Okay, smile for the camera, everybody!" said Bonnie Hopps as she took a picture of everyone around the tree.
Standing out among all the bunnies was Nick, wearing a green knitted sweater that brought out the colour of his eyes. He stood next to Judy, dressed in purple, who had the star in her paws.
"Okay, now let's put the star up, Judy," said Stu Hopps as he filmed the moment with his camcorder.
"Alright, dad," said Judy. "Um...Peter, can you get the stepladder?"
"No need for that," said Nick as kneeled down and offered his paws. "Need a lift, my love?"
Judy giggled as she climbed up carefully onto Nick's shoulders.
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 6
The work day ended and Judy and Nick clocked out. Bogo was at the entrance hall as they walked towards the front door.
"Wilde, Hopps," said Bogo. "I want you to remain alert. Anything comes up, I need everyone to be ready to answer immediately."
"Will do, Chief," said Nick.
"We're still tracking down the van," said Bogo. "As soon as the results are in, we can identify the new owner and it may lead us to something."
"Let's keep our fingers crossed," said Judy.
As they walked out of the building, Judy looked at Nick. He looked tired but satisfied. They had worked long hours and had actually made some progress. She felt they were close to cracking this case.
As they walked side-by-side, she felt a surge of affection towards him. Her arm moved as if on its own volition and wrapped around his waist. He looked down at her and smiled warmly, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her closer.
"You did great, Nick," said Judy.
"Just doing my job, Carrots," said Nick humbly.
"Are you kidding? W
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 5
Chief Bogo stood with his arms crossed outside of the interrogation room window. Judy and Nick stood beside him, listening to the police counsellor, a bat lady named Opal, speaking to the coyote girl who had been at the Maison du Bison attempted robbery.
"But I'm telling you, I've never been to the upper-class district in my life," said the coyote girl. "I don't know how I got there. Suddenly I was in a squad car and cops were all around."
"But surely you remember something, dear," said the counsellor. "What is the last thing you remember?"
"I brushed my teeth and went to bed," said the coyote girl with tears streaming down her cheeks. "And that's the last thing I did before I was brought here."
As the coyote girl was escorted out of the room, Bogo and the counsellor spoke.
"Same circumstances," said the counsellor, perching herself on Bogo's ample shoulder. "This makes no sense, Chief. All three of them swear up and down they never left their bed. They're all telling the truth, their
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 4
It was 2:00 PM when Judy's phone rang. She saw that it was Fru Fru.
"Hiii honey!" said the voice of her friend. "Mr Manchas is outside, we're all waiting for you."
"I'll be right down," said Judy excitedly.
She descended the stairs three steps at a time and walked outside. A pristine white limousine was parked in front of Grand Pangolin Arms, and a familiar face stood before the passenger door: Mr Manchas, the jaguar she and Nick had helped cure from the night howler serum ten months ago.
"Miss Hopps," said Mr Manchas with a kind smile, bowing and opening the door for her.
"Get in, honey!" said the jolly voice of Fru Fru as Judy got into the limo. "Your beauty trip starts now! Would you like a drink?"
"Sure," said Judy. "Club soda is fine."
Marcel, the polar bear, poured Judy a glass of club soda as Mr Manchas started the car.
"Thank you."
"Had a busy week, Judy?" asked Fru Fru as she sat on the armrest beside Judy.
"Yes, it was hectic," said Judy. "I had to go to my hometown and come
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 3
"I'm so glad you decided to come, Jude," Stu Hopps said as he drove Judy to the police station in Bunny Burrow. "Nobody has any clue about what to do."
Judy was munching on a sandwich and sipping tea as they drove. She had arrived an hour earlier and her parents had picked her up at the Bunny Burrow Station.
"Maybe, with your expertise, you can shed some light on all this," said Stu.
"I hope so," said Judy.
They arrived at the Bunny Burrow Police Station, a modest building manned by a pawful of police officers. Small town police stations rarely saw any action. Small towns remembered crimes from ten years ago and still talked about them from time to time. Something like this bank robbery was unheard of in a peaceful hamlet like Bunny Burrow.
"Well, here goes," said Judy and she stepped out of the truck and walked into the police station.
It was almost like a living room with desks inside the police station. The front desk was occupied by Old Ben, a shaggy dog police officer who had been
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 2
"O. M. Goodness! I cannot believe my eyes! It's an authentic, numbered, limited edition posable Gazelle figure!" said the jolly voice of Benjamin Clawhauser at the front desk of Zootopia Police Department. "Hohoo! Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Where oh where did you find this treasure, Hopps?!"
"I won it at the fair," said Judy as she gave him the doll. "I had no idea it was valuable."
"Only the most collectible Gazelle figure on the planet, they only made 1,500 of them before the mould was destroyed in a factory mishap, they are all numbered and price gougers are charging a paw and a tail for them online. See, see the number under the left hoof? This one is number 640! Hahaa! This is my new lucky number. Oh, when those resellers find out I got mine for free! They'll flip out!"
", I'm glad you like it, Clawhauser."
"I'm in your debt for a million bajillion and one years, Hopps!"
"Don't mention it, it's my pleasure..."
"Now, cutie, do you wanna stand here next to this amazingly colle
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The Crooked Carnival Caper - A Zootopia Story - 1
The Crooked Carnival Caper
A Zootopia Story
It was sunny and clear, the grass was trampled and dotted with pawprints, younglings of every kind ran about cheerfully and the air was thick with balloons, music and the smell of funnel cakes and pies and other delicious treats of questionable nutritional value. Everything was as it should be at the county fair.
Nicholas P. Wilde squinted in the sunlight, trying to see the screen of his cellular phone clearly and make sure none of the rabbits ten feet in front of him got left out of the picture he was trying to take.
"Okay everyone, now smile and say 'Leeks!'"
"LEEKS!" said two hundred and eighty-one voices as the fox tapped the camera icon on his phone screen and immortalised the image of the Hopps family all standing together at the front gate of the fair.
As soon as Nick had taken the picture, a flurry of fuzzy bunnies scurried in every direction to join the fun among the multi-coloured tents and food stands. As the bunnies dissipated, th
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Full Cover Art by Lupucillo Full Cover Art :iconlupucillo:Lupucillo 0 0 Tea and Sega Saturn by Lupucillo Tea and Sega Saturn :iconlupucillo:Lupucillo 0 0 The Author by Lupucillo The Author :iconlupucillo:Lupucillo 0 0 Amber by Lupucillo Amber :iconlupucillo:Lupucillo 4 0 The Golden Towers - Cover Art by Lupucillo The Golden Towers - Cover Art :iconlupucillo:Lupucillo 0 1


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I find your photographic skills to be superb. The themes are clearly carefully selected with patience, which is a mark of a first-class...



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