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The Royal Treatment by Luprand The Royal Treatment by Luprand
"Ah. Justin. A mendicant healer-priest, yes?" Archminister Kelgarius's words hung in the air like ice.
"Your Grace," Justin replied, bowing in polite obeisance. Separated from his companions, led forcibly into the Archminister's chambers for a private audience ... he could feel his chances of petitioning the King for political asylum dwindling by the moment.
"Though I suppose I ought to address you by your proper title, should I not?" The older man gestured, and the bandage on Justin's left arm ripped open, revealing the vivid, multicolored brand beneath. "Ah, yes. Prince Robert Flavius Eustacius Himmelgarten IV. I was told to expect you."
"Wh-what is the meaning of this?" He drew back from the Archminister, but soon his fear wasn't the only reason for the wrenching in his stomach. Justin cried out as his body all but exploded into that of a lion.
"I'm afraid you can no longer hide from your royal heritage," the sorceror murmured. "And if you will not admit to being a Prince, then I will have to make you a King. But not to worry ... you'll find your cage most comfortably appointed."

Totally not canon, but it was a fun idea and the first picture in months that didn't look awful when I drew it.
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