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Shadow by Lupphire Shadow by Lupphire
Here, have an edgy OC :3c

Yes, she's basically just pure black with simple little markings and for a while I felt that she didn't really need a ref sheet, but then I thought it might be a good opportunity to work on character design through facial features, and making her look unique in that aspect as opposed to just special colors and markings. I had fun with it - I'm not great with character diversity and I probably won't stay super consistent with this design, but it was a good exercise and now if I commission people to draw her they'll have something to work with!

Tbh this is kind of another fursona/"literally me" character?? I remember when I was in the fourth or fifth grade and I first got into Warriors, I didn't have a specific OC for a while and just saw myself as a black cat with blue eyes. This character's come a long way since then, but she's still basically just a representation of myself with a few personality traits and extra quirks slapped on. She doesn't even really have a backstory, at least not yet, but idk if I'm ever gonna give her one because she's really just supposed to be me in cat form.

She's pretty Edgy On Purpose™ - specifically, her special edgy power (with no real explanation as to why she has it lol) is that she can basically suck the energy or life force or whatever out of another cat and redistribute it to herself and/or her allies. She doesn't use it often and doesn't like for other cats to know she can do it. But yeah, I'm not ashamed of having a possibly-Mary-Sue OC. xD

Oh yeah! And the rain texture in the background can be found right here: rain drops texture
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