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AALC Rendaz Flammy by Luppa AALC Rendaz Flammy by Luppa
Name: Rendaz "Flammy"
Age: 32
Species: Volcanic Ruckarl
Height: 168cm (5'6)
Weight: 82kg (180 lbs)
Gender: Male
Position: Dean, Professor of Mechanics


    ~ Crafting and Repairing Mechanics
    ~ Resistant to high temperatures (up to around 1500C)
    ~ Limb Regeneration (is able to slowly regrow dismembered limbs)
    ~ Fire breathing (needs lava)


    ~ Weakened by cold
    ~ Unable to swim
    ~ Reliant on heated substances (such as lava... or coffee)


Rendaz was born into a pack of ruckarls like himself deep within a confines of a volcano. Life was generally effortless, and the ruckarls lived, for the sake of comparison, like life were a constant spa hotel. Rendaz too, enjoyed this careless way of life, until one day an eruption happened - so vast and so explosive that the entire structure of the volcano was obliterated, and that the ruckarls were cut off from their source of lava. Instead of mourning with his cousins, Rendaz fled for elsewhere to stay, and discovered the mechanical wasteland of the human's disposal yard.

Claiming this as his new home, Rendaz soon learnt that life on the outside world was not as fair, kindly or as relaxing as his previous one. Whilst he made use of the resources in the junkyard, he encountered many troubles - troubles deep enough to alter his perspective on life into something rather embittered. Whilst he made a living from selling off odd mechanical trinkets, he realised that he could not withstand the company of the humans of which he deemed 'complete filth'. With that, he fled to AALC, seeking to use it as a refuge where he could develop his mechanical skills in... relative peace.


Irritable, callous and snide, Rendaz is one who prefers to be left alone than to endure the company of 'blithering idiots'. His tongue is sharp and relentless, and his wit is keen and cunning. He's brutally honest when it comes to critique - if there's something he doesn't approve of, he isn't afraid to point out exactly what's wrong with it. With an 'every man for himself' sort of belief, he rarely ever concerns himself with the well-being of others unless it benefits him. Amazingly enough, there is a sense of humour buried within, and it is possible to earn his trust. Just beware of the snark.
Roqi Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Awesome! Well done rewriting it, it's so much more clear and compact, more of an "at-a-glance" reference if you know what I mean :D He seems to have gotten more slender since that previous app, haha~
Luppa Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yesss...! Unlike the wall of text it used to be-- :'D;;

TSFUnfs yes >3>;; I didn't like that previous image... not even at the time I drew it--! x_x;
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