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Warriors refs for my sister

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My little sister is making a warriors map, so I helped her with some refs! 
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Aww, they look so adorable! <3 It’s amazing

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Cloud tail kind of looks like lumine (w

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WonderfulSpycatHobbyist General Artist

bluestar is angy

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AlphaSnowdustHobbyist General Artist

I love how you drew Tigerstar and Snowkit is sooooo adorable!!!

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omg i luv cloudtail owo

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Nice artwork! i have read the books before from the library, my sister got me into them and i known them since 4th grade, and i love these books. i'm on the prophecies begin because i couldn't find them at the library. good artwork!

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phlowirHobbyist Digital Artist

Snowkit is so cute!! These are all so good

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Retr0RavenStudent General Artist
This is so amazin!!! You are one of my biggest inspos!!
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xxxravenshadexxxHobbyist Digital Artist

Your sister is lucky.

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;3 Why does Bluestar look like she wanna kill me?? :cries:

Love that art, though!!

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Ham-ratStudent Digital Artist
LOOK AT DUSTPELT,, so awesome
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!
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Did you use a limited palette for this? I LOVE the pink tinting these guys have
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Corgkey Digital Artist
ur designs are so good im in love
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HZPenbladeStudent Filmographer
ooh what's the map?
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katie-monkeyHobbyist General Artist
These designs look absolutely stunning!! I adore your choice of color,  especially on Brightheart! But yikesaroo, Brightheart's stripes and Tigerstar's whole deal (mainly the back and face stripes) would be a nightmare to animate unless they're standing in one place.
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Not a furry but this is amazing! Great work!
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yup this is amazing 
ur deisgns are so pretty too look at owo 
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RABBFERRStudent Digital Artist
My crops are watered, my skin is clear, my depression is gone bc of this post
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SnowyStormzHobbyist Digital Artist
I can FEEEEEL the animators running and hiding. Really nice though, Lup!!
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firefoxanimationHobbyist Digital Artist
These look so good! Rip though to anyone who has to animate Tigerstar! 
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SizztheSaladHobbyist Traditional Artist
soo cute!
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Swag-MoonHobbyist Digital Artist
these look hard to animate/draw. i think theyre pretty and the colors are pleasing nonetheless.
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yeah tigerstar looks hard but it looks so pretty the effort would we worth it o:::
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