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Published: March 10, 2019
This design was made by my lovely little sister, Panda! (she drew the one in the center) and I drew a lil' ref for the character around them~ Anyway the money earned from this design will 100% go to my little sister, she is saving up for her trip to washington D.C with her class, she has been saving up and working hard for this trip for years and it's finally just around the bend :3 ! This really helps her out, and will ensure she will have a great class trip! 

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hmmm gettin a pony feel from the bottom right one
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TragicMoppetHobbyist General Artist
Panda is 10/10 on this wow, I wish she has a DA (or does she?)

Still love your style to though
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TheAgentMyersStudent Digital Artist
How much are the adoptable if bidding for one or commissioning one? This looks super adorable.~
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lonely-eelHobbyist Digital Artist
this is so pretty! I love the colors, your sis did a great job with the galaxy/starry look, I love it :heart: :love:
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HatorCreatorHobbyist Digital Artist
the way you do colors is magical, i absolutely adore it. 
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aww her art is so cute!
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oh.... a baybee...
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Rye-WhiskeyStudent Filmographer
Oh wow she did an amazing job on this design !!
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist Artist
I'll let her know that you said that ^^ thanks!
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist ArtistFeatured
Reply to this to start bid! 
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AB! I would love to support your sis! he is going to be a demigod for my story : )

Also, how may I credit her when I am uploading him to toyhouse?
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist Artist
Oh wonderful! Thank you so much, she will be so happy! just send the payment to and the design will be all yours! This is helping her so much for her trip, thank you! 
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Oh! I paid right after you sent the reply but I forgot to say so. Thank you so much!

his name is Gaius, and I gave him just a bit of a palette tweak uwu Tell your sister she is so talented for me ^u^
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist Artist
Thank you again ^^ and totally I will let her know!!
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omg I hope they get AB!! They're such a gorgeous design n I hope your sister will have a very good trip when she leaves for washington! <3
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WeightofAnubisHobbyist Digital Artist
a soft baby! I hope somebody abs! Good luck to your sister!! If she has coms open lemme know : D id love to help support her trip
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peachboyyHobbyist Digital Artist
this guys is so pretty : OO
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lUPISVUIPESHobbyist Artist
thank you!
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