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Out of Bowsette's way!!
Bowsette kart XD
Not much to say here, the only thing worse than the red shell is three red shells!! well thats if you exclude the blue one and god damm lightning. Indiscriminate evil thing.
In any case, I imagine Bowsette spamming these little evil shells as it there was no tomorrow XD.

Because of course she will play dirty even if not necessary, just for the sake of CHAOS!

Witness her I tell you!

I did this one in paint tool sai, including the lineart. Ususally I don't do that, doing the lineart in paper first, since I am still getting the hand of digital drawing. Little by little. Practice and more practice and I will eventually feel confortable with it, the same as with colorin textures other than metal XD.
Arrival of the Living Saint
Saint Celestine, the living Saint and her two aides arrive at the devastated battlefields of the 41st millenium. Power-sword at hand, ready to strike at the heart of the hordes of the enemies of the Emperor of Mankind. Praise be his divine presence.

XD Made this through some time, the golden power-armour plates were specially tiresome to paint, but I am quite pleased with the final result. It was a process of learning how to do it from the first plate to the last XD.
This one ws painted with Paint tool Sai over the ink and pencil lineart. Praise the Emperor for paint tool sai XD

I have my Saint Celestine miniature in WIP state so far, it is nearly there, but still some work to do, and then I will finally field her in the next 40k battle. Let´s see how she performs :3
On the 2002 codex it was possible to equip the sisters superior from almost any squad with an eviscerator. Cumbersome, yes, but hell of a weapon!. In later codexes (those, uuugh) the option was removed for the sisters superior. I didn´t really liked that update.

I really hope that the eviscerator will be back in the upcoming codex, finger crossed XD. In the meantime, a reminder form those old times.
I made this drawing with ink pen and coloured it with copicmarkers. :3
Shield Maiden
A while ago new developments occur on a well documented archeological site. The site being the well documented and studied tomb of a viking warrior of high status, with warrior weapons and warrior regalia. Accepted in all that the tomb was that of a steemed warrior.
Cue new findings and advances in the ancient DNA field (recovery and analysis of DNA variants from centuries old biologial remnants). The analysis of the DNA obtained from the bones found on that grave proved that the steemed warior buried on that tomb was indeed a woman.

Should we just carry on with the new findings and accept the plain fact that the mighty warrior in question was a woman? that Shield Maidens DID exist and were more than a legend?
 Well, some experts were as far as one can get to review the well documented tomb and previously accepted facts just to negate that this person (now that we know was a woman) was not a warrior at all!! Maybe her warrior husband loved her so much that he buried her with his own warrior regalia or, or, stay with me, every single norse was buried with full warrior regalia regardless of their occupation!

Facepalm! It left me without words to see the extremes people get to deny plain facts so reality warps to accomodate their personal views and prejudices.
I made this illustration because of that, this woman was a warrior all in all and so was buried as such. Call them as you will, but Shield Maidens clearly seem to be not only a legend, but a reality.


It has been a while since I connected for the last time, and more since I uploaded something. I have lots of uncompleted and half-baken stuff. Let's see if I can complete them, now that maybe I will have time (I hope XD).


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