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You need more colours

Whew, this one was kinda difficult xD Now Zecora has to "suffer", so many pencils are annoying her xD That's the picture with the most pencils, I could combine in one drawing lol, I had a lot of helping hands^^ I hope, you like it :)
Chibi Zecora Icon < Well, this seems like a kind of dark magic, I have  to say, I don't like this evil trick...
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The main 6 got drunk one day and decided to use the elements of harmony on Zecora to see if to will save her from a curse that makes her talk in rhyme and have no colour. Turns out there never was a curse and the elements just made her look a bit more like Rainbow Dash's mane.
Zecora "What the fuck fillies? I am not ok with this change! Fix it."
Fluttershy "I don't think it worked."
Applejack "I think a rainbow of darkness might help."
Twilight Sparkle "What is that?"
Pinkie Pie "That was before your time, long ago when Rarity ruled the unicorns."
Rainbow Dash "Rainbow of darkness? Sounds awesome! Let's get that."
Rarity "Let's not. It is a bad thing to use on a pony, even if their coat is turning a bit green."
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Scribbler could tell you a bit about this as she is an old pony. Old meaning knows something about generation 1 mlp. The rainbow of darkness was what Terik (big centaur had a fight with Twilight Sparkle think I misspelled his name) used to turn ponies into dragons. Rarity is the name of a unicorn that ruled over the other unicorns. I think it was called unicornia, I could be wrong my memory gets fuzzy after 1000 years back. The rainbow of darkness can be found in the mlp movie that came out in the 1980s. You will have to ask some other old pony about Rarity. Glad you enjoyed it. /)
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Aaah, I see. Well thanks a lot for the story/the comment^^
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I was going through my favorites and noticed this picture was not in it. I decided while I am here might as well read some of the comments. While reading the comments I did not give you a link to the stuff I mentioned so here it is hope you enjoy.
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zecora they wont hurt youuuu they just wanna make you rainbowy! :3
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HAHA xD Excactly :D
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reminds me of that Zebra Gum that has the tattoos :3
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Taste the rainbow.
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xD She looks like the rainbow later^^
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Don't worry Zecora

They are friendly. They won't harm you, just colour you. XD
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Chibi Zecora Icon < Well, you might say so, but my answer is still "no".
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:D Do A Finish Version =3
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Hmmmm... we´ll see :)
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The blue pencil between the red and pink pencils looks like a blak pencil. Is it?
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Nope, it´s more like a darker turquoise^^
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