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Worried Lines


Hello everyone,

in a world where daily reports of tragedy, miserable circumstances, catastrophes and aggression come in and show us the cruelty of the world, it is no wonder that the frowns on our faces grow stronger, our worry lines pile up with the sorrows we have on our mind...

I present to you this art piece of mine that is supposed to show what this feels like. The shelf of news we receive every day is slowly getting heavier, about to collapse from the amounf of heavy topics including war, health issues, injustice, money issues, pandemics, drug abuse, toxic waste and many more... What will become of us?

Time: About 9 Hour


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Very nicely done, but as with all things this to shall pass.

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Thank you very much for your kind feedback on this. I am very grateful as this piece means a lot to me :heart: