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Will of the Wisps

By LupiArts
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Hello everybody,

this is a huge event for me since you see: After months of doubts and struggles with this piece, I finally managed to finish the 2nd big fanart illustration for Ori to honour the 2nd game "Ori and the Will of the Wisps". It took me months, a lot of hours, trial and error but now I can finally say it's done.

I wanted to draw Ori flying together with Ku to the new land of Niwen where both of them find their destiny and have to face a big and dangerous adventure after being seperated. Turns out Ori's search for her friend owl is becoming an even bigger path she has to face than first expected as one tragic event leads to another to safe this once beautiful forest that now remains rotten and forgotten. Ori, however, brought light and hope to this land and together with her new friends Kwolok, Tokk, the Moki and many more, she will conquer this challenge and face her destiny.

This is a beautiful, breathtaking game that is a must-have for everyone who enjoys a tackling, interesting story, emotions, awesome gameplay, lovable characters and just a treat for the eye since everything from the music to the artwork is a true masterpiece. I could write pages full of good feedback about this game, but instead of writing so much, I tried putting my thoughts into this painting. I wanted it to stand out, to really be a painting from the very beginning until the end, being painted with a lot of care and heart, an eye for detail while also embracing some beautiful post-edit effects. And I think I managed. I wanted to show the friendship and trust between Ku and Ori, the beautiful, mysterious new land, the once strong and bright willow that's Niwen's spirit tree and just an overall fantastic feeling. I spent hours and hours to create Ori's fur and feathers on the young owl's body, put all my knowledge in this and wanted to create an equal followup/tribute to my first ever "masterpiece" as I call it:…

Now, 4 years later, I can present to you the 2nd big illustration, I could cry tears of joy right now. I know it'S different, far from being the quality/skill level I had back then, my techniques changed a lot and so did my style, but I think both of them deserve to be recognized and remembered as one unity. 

I think I said enough now. I really REALLY hope you like this painting and the outcome of all the hours, doubts, struggles and the heart and effort that went into it. Your feedback would mean a lot to me.
Thank you so much for reading this an for supporting me. <3

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you^^

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Willowlo's avatar

What a beautiful picture of Ori and Ku flying over Niwen!

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to hear this^^ :heart: :love:

Willowlo's avatar

I think you should make much more art from the two Ori games!

LupiArts's avatar

If I had the time, I'd love to do that yes^^ Glad to hear you'd like to see more Ori Fanart from me :D

Willowlo's avatar

I think Christmas Day is the best time to make more art from the 2 Ori games because you get to have work off.

TastyRainbow-Boy's avatar
LupiArts's avatar

Wow, thank you :love: :heart:

Indurok's avatar

It used to be Ori and the Blind Forest that was my favorite game of all time. But after playing this, I can say that Will of the Wisps is currently my favorite.

LupiArts's avatar

I can totally agree^^ That's why I was so motivated and inspired to paint this piece :D

thank you!

Agent36496's avatar
LupiArts's avatar

She sure is! Thank you^^

tigreanpony's avatar

Very nicely done.

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you kindly^^ :heart:

Pone-Dancer's avatar

My gosh this is absolutely gorgeous 0.o Ahhhh all your hard work and dedication paid off!

LupiArts's avatar

Oh my, thank you so so much! I feel absolutely honoured and grateful for your kind words :blush: :love: :heart:

heathfiedler's avatar

not heard of the game but it looks really nice! n.n

LupiArts's avatar

Definitely make sure to check out the games, they really are worth it and masterpieces of themselves!

And thank you^^

heathfiedler's avatar

Your welcome n.n

thedragonlover95's avatar

OMG This is really beautiful! The colors really give off that dream like feel

LupiArts's avatar

Woah, thank yooouuu! :blush: I'm so happy to hear you like it that much :heart:

thedragonlover95's avatar

You've really showed your skills in this

LupiArts's avatar

I feel so honoured to hear this, really. Thanks a lot <3

thedragonlover95's avatar

And i'm very sure that other designs in the future will also have this too

Phoenix-Mask's avatar

Both look really awesome

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