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Sunset Shimmers Portrait

Hi everyone :D
Finally, I finished another portrait, this time it´s Sunset^^ She looks a bit bitchy, but feels... a little melancholy. Hope, you like her^^

The frame was made by :iconsnoopystallion: SnoopyStallion - He´s AMAZING! And his stuff is aswell :D SO GO CHECK HIM OUT ^^
(Thanks again, my dear :huggle: )
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SnoopyStallion's avatar
pony sunset is better than human sunset XD thats for sure ^^ 
nice job darling ^^ Huggle! 
LupiArts's avatar
I know, right? XD I like the pony version^^
Thank you so much, sweety^^ :huggle:
Jatheus's avatar
I think she's cute!

I like her much better as a pony than a high school student. :)
LupiArts's avatar
Haha, thanks^^ Glad, you like it.
And yes, the pony version isbetter :D
MixDaPonies's avatar
Aw, chin up sunset. 

Another awesome portait trait done. Awesome sauce.
LupiArts's avatar
Heh, thank you very much^^
FrozenTear7's avatar
Well today I've ended reading the most beatiful fan fic about Sunset and suddenly my eyes stumble upon this. Couldn't have been better :D Even thou her left eye is a bit worrying this portrait is simply stunning ^^ Amazing job :3 *as always cough cough*
LupiArts's avatar
Oh, that´s an awesome coincidence ^^ And Thank you so much, I´m glad you like it :D
Pexxastar-OLD's avatar
OMG I love this art :O
LupiArts's avatar
Aw, thanks^^ I´m glad you do :D
Pexxastar-OLD's avatar
I wish i could have such a portrait as this one 
skramer123's avatar
She looks like she wants to be somewhere else!.......:3 But this is adorable...great job!
LupiArts's avatar
(I guess she does xD) Thank you very much^^ I feel honoured
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