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Hey everyone^^

There we go with a new digital drawing I was working on here and there between some commissions xD It´s actually supposed to be a part of a mini series, I´m planning^^ 
I don´t want to spoil too much, though xD So stay patient, I hope I can do that^^

Starlight Glimmer is one of my favourite characters of mlp since the first time we´ve seen her :) I like both, her evil character and her good character, they both have something brilliant, which makes me like her even more^^

So, I´m quite happy with how this drawing turned out :) I like Starlight´s face and eyes, just like how the shading turned out after quiiite some times of trying xD I´m pleased with the result and the sky filled with stars in the background, which give Starlight´s name a new meaning by walking through the night´s starlight^^ See my intention there? ;)

I hope you like this drawing^^ Looking forward to your feedback :D
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Omg I love this, I look forward to buying this!!!
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Oh my, thank you very much^^ I would feel so honoured :)
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One of my fave characters....and you drew her better than the show! Congrats on a successfull project!
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Yay, thank you very much :D It means so much to me and I´m glad, you like it :)
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Just a question, what programs do you use?
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Looking good  and congratulations for the EqD header post ^^ 
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Thanks a lot my love^^ I was sooo surprised and honoured when I saw that :D
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Smiling, but she seems asking: "So... uh.... guys? D-do you have a different opinion of me now that I saved Equestria?"

I love her too. She grew on me over time.

BEautiful work
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Aww thank you^^ I´m glad you like it :D
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My pleasure. The drawing or Starlight? Both.
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Maybe it's for being pretty similar to Luna. Even Luna confirmed it.

But making such a burn to Twi by taking Trixie? Ouch! I know it's for the story but still...
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Very beautiful...
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You're welcome.
Dontchu smirk at me! Ahm serious! Imma-- ..... where are we?....
Starfire does look like she'd take me someplace crazy when ahm tryna scratch her off mah hitlist..... (8/
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She... is... lovely! :love: :thumbsup:

Well done!
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Aww thank yooouuu :D Glad you like it :D:la:
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Suu cute starlight!
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