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[SPOILERS] A New Beginning

I was sooo happy for the CMC when I watched the newest episode^^ I loved it, the songs, the expressions, the feelings and that grande finale :D So I had to draw something and I hope you like it^^
Thanks again to :iconsnoopystallion: for those awesome Cutie marks^^ check out his account, his stuff is AMAZING! :D GO NOW XD

You find the animated versions of their CMs here:
Sweetie Belle:
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Sweetie Belle's just as adorable as always!
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Hehe, thank you^^
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That was an awesome episode indeed. And this picture is as great as the episode.
You made an amazing job on this one. Bravo ! o/
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Aww, thank you so so much^^ Yes, the episode was amazing and I´m glad you think so about my picture, aswell :D
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Hah, you're welcome ^^
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Awesome episode! :) *sniff* :)
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We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who you are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until you have your cutie mark."

New version of the song.

Beautiful work
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Haha, great!^^
And thank you very much :)
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My pleasure.

They got their marks and now we saw that they are already bored.

Well, they lost their leitmotiv.
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Well, one of them^^
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At last, the crusade is over. Nicely done. This has everything to make a drawing awesome. And I think the voice actresses would agree.
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Hehe, thank you so so much, really^^ Means a lot to me! :D
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I love their expressions! Great tribute!
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Aww, thanks so much^^
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