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PokeDrawings - Eevee


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When drawing Pokémon, there is one that shall not be left out and I think I speak for many when I say it's one of the most popular ones: Eevee. This normal-type Pokémon is amazing!

I love Eevee's design and wanted to draw it in my style for this PokéDrawings series, making it extra fluffy and kind of looking like a small fox or so. At least that's how I invision it^^ Should I do the Eeveelutions as well? What do you think? Hope you like this little cutie! :D

Time: About 1 Hour


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MinatoFalcon's avatar

Super amazing and adorable work!

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you so very much! :love:That's sweet of you^^

MinatoFalcon's avatar
tigreanpony's avatar

(Eevee, ee-vee, EEVEEE!) Very cute my Eevee is jumping around all excited now. Very lovely work. Eevee is one of my favorite pokemon and I am playing Lets Go Eevee.

LupiArts's avatar

Naww, how adorable! Thank you for sharing these kind words with me :D:love:

sadly I never got to play the game, but I bet it's amazing, especially with Evee :heart:

Ddraigtanto's avatar

Ah, I love this. Eevee is probably one of, if not my favourite pokemon. I don't give a **** about stats, just give me my adorable rabbit puppy, dam you! :D

LupiArts's avatar

Haha, yes I agree! I freaking love Eevee as well, I have to fully aggree with you! :DThank you so much for your kind words :love:

LupiArts's avatar

Thank yooouuu :la::D

thedragonlover95's avatar

Eevee's just precious

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