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PokeDrawing - Jigglypuff

Hey friends^^

A new PokéDrawing has been in my sketch book for a few days, but now I finally managed to scan it in and show it to you: Jigglypuff! The first choice for the main Pokémon in the anime until Pikachu came.

I know many people love this fairy-type Pokémon and you have to admit: It's cute and also very simple in its design, so I had to draw it and add it to my collcetion^^ What do you think of it? Hope you like what you see :D

Time: About 1 Hour


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Omg so precious! :love:

LupiArts's avatar

Nawww thank yooouu :blush::love:

tigreanpony's avatar

Very nicely done, and very cute.

LupiArts's avatar

Yays, thanks a lot :D:la:

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Why did I say Kirby nooooo 😭

LupiArts's avatar

Nawww, no worries^^ They do have a lot in common ;)

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