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:COMM: Warm to the Bones

Hello guys,

this commission for LargeMetallicFellow is now done, showing his OC Jarrod sharing an intimate moment with Loona from Helluva Boss. Both of them seem to enjoy eachother's company and the shared warmth, showing the magic of the moment.

Definitely a lovely commission to work on and I enjoyed creating the warm feeling but also effect of an intimate moment without being too dirty about it. Just some physical intimicy without any exxagerrated parts.
Hope you like this picture^^

Thanks a lot to the commissioner for their support and patience with me. It means so much and is highly appreciated!

Time: About 4 Hours


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LargeMetallicFellow's avatar

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of Jarrod with Loona! Thank you again so much for such a beautiful piece!

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you so so much for your kind feedback! :blush:Seriously, I feel so honoured and grateful that you like it^^ :heart:

tigreanpony's avatar

Very nicely done.

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you kindly^^ Makes me happy to hear you think so :D

Trombone2015's avatar

I can remember watching one of your Twitch livestreams while you were working on this and everyone was going on about Loona’s appearance, as seen that the side of one her breasts is exposed. However, intimacy can be natural and doesn’t have to be dirty. These two clearly love each other, and I hope that their ship sails across the mighty seas of awesome.

A very lovely and wholesome piece of artwork indeed. Well done, and stay awesome! ^^

LupiArts's avatar

Thank you Trombone for sharing these lovely words with me. You are absolutely right, physical intimicy doesn't have to be dirty and exaggerated only, which is why I even drew this while streaming. They are sharing mo0re than just a porn-like endeavor. They show emotions and I'm happy it shows in my drawing. You are too kind :love::heart:

Trombone2015's avatar

You’re welcome! ^^

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