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:COMM: Chef Girl


Hey friends!

With this Commission for eunos, all of his Shark Girl characters have been drawn in my style and am completely happy that I had the honour to draw them all! Thank you so so much for this, it almost feels like an entire era is coming to an end with Wendy here, a talented cook/chef who's also a pro in martial arts^^

She has been I think the most challenging character to draw due to her design being very exotic with the pattern on her pants and her hair. But it was a nice challenge to face and I am quite happy with the outcome of this piece :D Feel free to let me know what you think!

A HUGE Thank you to Eunos for chosing me as the artist for these 6 ladies. It's been a nice journey and I more than enjoyed working with you!

Time: About 2 Hours


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Congratulation on completing the set ;D

But now what? :(.. I could always create a 7th Shark Girl ;), Or how about a group of Shark Boys ;D

I have many more characters.. Not all are sharks ;)

Anyway loving the pose, kicking arse whilst preparing dinner.. Takes a lot of Talent.. Even if she can't beat Cooking champion Cadence.

But yes, thanks you once again for doing all these characters and I'm glad you had fun with them.

I might have to stick em all in one pic at somepoint if you're ok with that.

But either way thanks again :), You earned Shark Girl Badge lever tier ;D

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Eunos, you are so kind to me. Thank you so so much for these lovely words and again for all the support you've shown me. It means the world to me and I'm glad you enjoyed the outcomes of it!

Of course, if you have more characters, I certainly would feel honoured to draw them^^ Just let me know :D

have the finaI picture with all of them here, if you want:

Eunos Final

Enjoy and stay awesome!

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Very nice, always like your art.

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You're so sweet to me! Thank you :love:I'm glad you enjoy my work