Now Taking Offers on Cave Art Animals!!!!

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I am officially opening up for offers for the cave painting models! (You can see them in my gallery.) I am ONLY accepting offers for the entire set of six, NOT individual models. If I do not receive a satisfactory offer, I will be listing these individually at amounts of my choosing. Offers MUST BE EMAILED to by Tuesday, September 7, 9pm PST.

I’ve had a few people contact me asking for a starting point, so let’s say offers need to be more than fifteen hundred.

A few important things of note:

--There are LOTS of pictures and other details about these customized models at if you need more information, email me at the address above. I will ALSO update the current highest offer on that page on a daily basis.

--I will be creating a contract with whoever gives me the best offer. Said person will be required to complete the contract before models are shipped.

--Offers do NOT include shipping costs. I will be shipping these models in multiple boxes due to their size and fragility. International shipping is available; be aware of the higher chance of damage en route. Packages will be insured.

--Paid-in-full is preferred to payment plans. I may accept a lower offer that is PIF if the higher one requires payments. NO TRADES.

--These are being sold primarily as art pieces; for model hobbyists, I do NOT guarantee LSQ; as these are handmade works of art, they may have minor flaws like irregularities in paint or plastic/putty. Also, as the cave paintings are particularly delicate, it may not be a good idea to be carting these around to events; they are intended to be art enjoyed in situ.

--Due to the amount of hairing on these models, a small amount of shedding is to be expected. Also be aware that these are NOT meant to be handled on a regular basis.

--I am available for repairs for the life of these models; just contact me!

Any questions? Want to make an offer? Contact me at lupa.greenwolf



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