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Hi there! :wave:

First of all I want to thank you all for the :+devwatch:s and :+fav:s
I really appreciate it !

I really like doing this, and watching your creations! :D

Well, I think Im back after these 2 or 3 months! :XD:
I finally got a computer and some time to catch up with everything!
So, expect new stuff from me ;P

In this period of time I've been absent a lot of people made prints with my stock without even asking and that bothered me a lot. So, after thinking about it I decided that I won't let people make prints with my stock anymore.
I'm sorry, but I think it is better for me...



:bulletblue: mountains
:bulletblue: tutorials


Stock Rules
:bulletblue: Credit me in your deviation description
:bulletblue: Send me a note or leave a comment telling me that you used my stock
:bulletblue: DO NOT USE MY STOCK FOR PRINTS. :new:
:bulletblue: Do not use my stock outsie dA
:bulletblue: Be creative !





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Welcome back!

That´s a sad news, darling. And I think it´s not fair for the rest of us. Prints are really important thing for me.
But i respect your wishes.
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I'm sorry, :(
But that's all I could do.
Maybe in the future I will alow prints again. But not now :S
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Welcome back Luci! :wave:
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That's really frustrating about your decision that some really make some prints without ever asking for your permission?

Now I don't have a chance to make
a vector some of your self portrait
for vector art and print. You know
I would ask permission before I
make a print. That's a lost to us
who follow your rules.:cry:

Being said that I respect your
wishes. And will not use your
photo stock images for future
projects anymore. Thank you
very much for Luci. I understand.
It is fine by me Luci. :nod:
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Yes, it's saad .
Thanks for understanding, and maybe someday I will change my rules haha.
who knows? XD
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welcome back, im looking foreward to see new stuff from you. Its sad that you had to change that rule, but when people can't read and wait for an answer i guess thats just what you had to do.. I'm not making prints anyways so its fine by me.
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Yes, and it's kind of frustrating, I had been thinking about changing that rule some time ago, but I didn't really want to. Until I got back and I realised that nobody really followed it :(
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How is limiting use of your stock to being a visual piece instead of a print better for you?
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Because people have been profitting on her stock without her permission. It's as if you steal an item from someone, say a watch, then go off and sell it. Not very nice :( I barely have any prints, so I don't really care, lol.
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