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Lucky Blue Smith - God Aura

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This is incredibly well done! I'm going to be using Lucky Blue Smith as the visual reference for the appearance of an Evil Superman-like character that's going to be one of the minor supporting villains in a comic book I'm doing for my own original character who is a Superman-like character(and I'm using Denzel Washington when he was in his early to mid thirties as the visual reference for the original Superman-like character who is the main character of the comic).

And then I'll use Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was younger as a reference for the physique of the Super Hero I'm basing on Lucky Blue Smith.I was originally going to have the Evil Superman-like character(who,along with some other Super Heroes in the comic, will be revealed in the comic to be a traitor in league with the main villains and the invading force)have blonde hair but I didn't want him to be compared to Homelander from The Seven in The Boys comic book and the show of the same name based on it on Amazon Prime,so II'll have the character have completely prematurely grey/silver hair,like he does here(even though the character will still only be in his twenties).I'm hoping to do something a little different with the Evil Superman cliche and trope in popular fiction!

Hopefully,Lucky Blue Smith won't mind having a Super Hero in a published comic book based on him! A lot of people may not know this but characters in comic books are based on real people all the time.

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so gorgeous!!  Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara
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Wow, so delicate. There is an exquisite touch to your work!
I put your artwork on a shirt, i hope you don't mind; i gave you credit c: <3
I would put the link of the shirt but it thinks it's spam :c
Just message me if you want to see it :o
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for sales or for your personal use??
No not for sales, just to give lucky blue some example of some merch that he should make
Here is my post on twitter, it's the first one and the link to your art that i used is among it:…
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Amazing work <3 He looks so handsome ^^ And you really managed to give him the God aura ~ 
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thanks so much ;)
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Beautiful textures. Who is this guy? He has a  compelling gaze.
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He is Lucky Blue smith, A fashion model.
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This is lovely! :D

The texture on his clothing is wonderful! I wonder what kind of transformation he's gone through to change his hair white?

Something divine?? :?
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Your work has been included in :iconall-for-art:'s Featured folder here.
T.C Rose
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Really aweme!!! love this portrait and the hair is just beaufitul!!
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thanks glad u love it!
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Amazing! I love everything about this
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thanks! glad u like it

btw u are pretty ;)
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O,o it looks like a photo... the coloring and lightening on his skin is just perfect. and i love his hair :heart:
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you welcome ^^
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