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    She wandered around the village, excited about the events she was laying down. As she got closer to her friends’ house, she got nervous; What if she doesn’t like him? What is she can’t take care of him? What if she’s too young? She took a deep breath and lightly petted the ball of feathers in her arms. Elise’s little Flambir was a little ball of rust-colored feathers, and soothing blue eyes, so soft and cuddly until it sneezes fireballs.

  When she arrives she hears Hamilton grunting and the sound of weeds snapping out of the ground. They’re weeding early today, is there something else happening today? Is there a holiday I forgot about? Pisces shakes her head and peers from the side of the house. The Flambir squeaks loudly, Hamilton and Elise’s head quickly swivel in Pisces direction.

  Benzel in a birch tree. Pisces chastised to herself.

  Pisces softly saunters over as Elise barrels toward, knocking her brother back in the process. When Elise and Pisces got closer, Pisces noticed Elise started to cry a little.

  “Are they mine? Oh my Benzel they are so cute, please tell me they’re mine!” She half whispered, half cooed as she started to lightly pet the Flambir’s feathers. Pisces softly laughed and gave Elise a letter Pisces wrote that morning.

Elise, I’ve heard you’ve been wanting

a Flambir for your birthday (Thank Hammy

because his complaining finally was of use.)

So I’ve been asking around and an old friend of mine

that owed me a favor got ahold of me.

His Flambirs recently had a litter of sorts and he bequeathed me this little one after they all hatched.

Happy Birthday love

Fish Princess

  Elise’s started squealing quite loudly after she finished the letter, and she jumped around a lot. As Elise started to jump away from Pisces and Hamilton, Hamilton saw the part about his complaining and frowned at Pisces. Pisces in return smiled smugly, knowing he’s a bit mad about having a bird living with them now, and he wasn’t in on it. She mouthed ‘too bad’ and then laughed. Hamilton dramatically gasped and held his hand on his heart, then started laughing as well.

  Elise came back and held her arms out, completely quiet. Pisces gestured at how to properly hold the Flambir, and then handed them to Elise. Once she was holding them, she slowly walked over to a nearby rock and sat down to pet the bird.

  “I’m naming him Hephaestus. Fire and fire, it seems to fit.” She said quietly.

Hamilton and Pisces padded over and sat on either side of her.

  “It fits perfectly. So, are you prepared for the beating that is taking care of this bugger? I’ll help some, but your the bird’s mum.” Hamilton jokes. Elise nods and leans her head on Pisces shoulder.

  “Pisces, thank you, this is the best birthday ever,” Elise says softly. Pisces smiles and kisses Elise on her forehead. No, it’s not, but thank you. Pisces thinks.


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