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Contest entry for :iconeternity9: 's Mythological Creature Contest. 

First time trying out Krita, it still looks a bit sketchy, but I'll be trying out more experimental art with it to get used to it. Also, thank you so much to the judges for extending the contest's deadline and understanding my situation. I am so glad to have finished this entry before the deadline. 

Seekers are a rare and mysterious species, they avoid contact with other creatures and live alone up in cold mountains or in deserts. The only company they enjoy is their own thoughts or the presence of other Seekers. They are a contemplative, religious, and curious species. 

Design and Originality: 
The overall design of the Seeker was inspired by the mysterious Journey character primarily, they have the torso of a human, but large wing-like arms, thin, long legs and feline ears that varies among Seekers. This makes them light and also graceful in flight. Despite that, the most obvious characteristic of the Seeker is the clothing it dons. Each Seeker will have a unique cloth that they will always wear, and this varies among being a coat, cape, poncho, scarf, or other, and these can have unique patterns and designs. The overall theme for the creature was that it is based off east-asian and Indian religion and beliefs, such as Hinduism, Budhism, Taoism, and Jainism, as well as their definitions of Karma. In this case, Karma being the idea of rebirth rather than the act of performing good deeds and being rewarded for doing so. 

Under the theme of incorporating specific types of religion, these creatures ponder life's existence and other philosophies; sharing their own knowledge through different Ways of Knowing (Which is a major characteristic of the actual 'Theory of Knowledge', in understanding what is knowledge and how people use it.). Not only that, these creatures believe in a "Universal Religion", one that combines every known religion and understands them through it (this is fictional, of course). Ironically, these creatures are also looked up to for wisdom, explanations to things that are not fully understood, and for holding ancient knowledge despite being rather religious. As it has been believed they existed when the universe was created and understand most of the world than others do. This idea alludes to the concept of Religion vs. Science. For Seekers, the practice of religion and science are complementary to each other, and they will use both to understand the world around them and the people they may come to meet (which is also related to the Taosim belief of Yin and Yang). 

For more smaller components of the design, incorporating feline ears to the creature's design is because of how in countries like in East-Asia (such as China or Japan), the cat is believed to be a symbol of good fortune. While ,the winged arms are inspired by the legendary pokemon, Lugia.

As stated, it is believed these creatures existed once the universe was created, or that they were formed from light, the reason for legends behind their origins is because these creatures wish to remain mysterious and to keep their knowledge secretive and between other Seekers. Seekers also cannot mate or have babies, and there is only a limited amount of Seekers in the world. They do not eat nor drink anything (which is based off the concept of fasting in religion or even the Hinduism belief of abstinence of food until one finds their true self (Upavasa)), but they can live without such needs and can remain immortal. 

Where it lives, Where it can be found:
Seekers can be found living in extremely high mountains where it is incredibly cold, or in hot deserts. Some Seekers have built religious sanctuaries, monuments, and huts across these barren environments for pilgriming Seekers or wanderers. Some Seekers can form a pilgrimage, others can host a sanctuary and hold information within it, as well as share their knowledge to travelling Seekers and in rare cases, wanderers as well. 

What it Does: 
A Seeker, from when it is created until it is killed, will ponder it's life and the world around it for eternity. They are keepers of sacred information, religion, and answers to questions that some couldn't even fathom. There role in their religion is to guide others and help them find their true selves, or they will discuss philosophy, science, and other topics with other Seekers to reach another question than a new answer. 
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An entire species of monks... Interesting concept
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An interesting creature concept, am i right in assuming that they live for a very long time?
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It's so cute! I don't know if it was meant to be cute but it is.
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I wanted it to be cute but also majestic. :3
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