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[CLOSED] Pony Adopts auction: Points Only

Bullet; Black SB: 100 Points 
Bullet; Black Min.:
10 Points
Bullet; Black AB:
600 Points

Auction ends in 24 hours after the last bid or after AB.
If AB can give PayPal.

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6

Adopt Status

1: closed. Owner MendingStrawberries
2: closed. Owner Bittersweet-Raptor
closed. Owner LordoftheFuzzys
closed. Owner StarSapphireDream
5: closed. Owner saffronadopts
6: closed. Owner Brownie-Adopts
Adopting Rules
Bullet; Green Once You Adopt It, You Have FULL Custody Of It
Bullet; Green Your First Post of the Adopt shall be Credited with my User
Bullet; Green You may change anything on yhe adopt once Adopted
Bullet; Green You may resell, BUT for the price you got it for. Unless you have received more art of the character then the price may go higher
Bullet; Green IF you do Resell, you can not inform me of the New Owner.
Bullet; Green Reply to "BID HERE" to start the auction.
Bullet; Green To continue reply to previous bidder.

PTU Base By: Hitomi
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heya! #6 now belongs to 1-800-Killyourself :">
7Noodlesoup7's avatar
aaaagh i need points so badly :((((( i wanna buyyy
LunnaDeLuna's avatar
oh =O= wich oone do you like?
7Noodlesoup7's avatar
i cant afford...
jambug's avatar
170 pts
LunnaDeLuna's avatar
TYSM! You win!
Send 170 Points  - and i will give her file stash
jambug's avatar
Yay thank you!
Sent <3
Is it ok if I gift her to Brownie-Adopts ?
MH-Adopts's avatar
AAA thank you so much ;v;

Note me some of your charas so i can throw you lots of art / base edits djsmsms
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thank you!
yes sure ^^ do you want to send file by yourself or you want me to send note?
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StarSapphireDream's avatar
Autobuy with PayPal please? ^^
LunnaDeLuna's avatar
thank you so much! ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ
notet my pp
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