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September 13, 2009
Streets of Heaven by =luniara
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Streets of Heaven



"It must be kind of crowded on the streets of heaven... so tell me, what do you need her for?"

I got this done at the last minute, I had planned to do it earlier, but time was limited...

Anyways, this is years piece done in memory of my older sister, JeanMarie Wallendorf

She passed away on 9/11 in the second tower, on the 87th floor.

There's nothing I can say that I haven't said on past pieces like this, all I know is that despite 8 years, I still miss her. It all still hurts. There are dreams where I wake up and want to call her and tell her about my engagement or to just hear her voice. I want to hear her call me "Melly", and I want her to do my hair and make up. I always think time will heal and sometimes I am okay...

She was just such a wonderful woman and I will say this again, and again- she is my inspiration and I loved her very much. I hear my mother tell me I look more like her as I get older, and it brings so much joy to think I can look as beautiful as she did. She was my only sister and I have SO much to live up to. She was only 23... and this year, so am I...

I can not even stand to watch the history channel, or CNN because of the images they play that set things off. It's all media to them, but to the families of 9/11, its just pain. Sometimes I wish I could find others who were effected the same way I was on DA... so far, I haven't.

Anyways, enough ramble...

There is some symbolism here in this piece. The ribbon wrapped around the Earth is the ribbon representing 9/11. It's wrapped around the earth as a symbol that the event shocked the entire world and brought most of it together in sorrow for those lost. The ribbons wrapped around her hands represent those binded by fate to be there that day. Of course, the beams of light coming from the clouds being the two towers.

Please take a moment of your day to remember those lost on 9/11...

HOLY CRAPS! Thank you SO SO SO OSOSO much. This REALLY made my day. >< For a piece that means so much to me to be DD'ed. THANK YOU!
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I am so sorry for your loss. I am very close to my older sisters, too. your author's note made me tear up. :hug: