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Another year goes by. A different year. Oh, yeah...definitely a different year. As I write this, I am sitting in a small lodge room in some State Park in SW Georgia. The wifi is like 56k and there are bugs everywhere. There is 0 privacy and I don't think I can eat anymore moonpies and junkfood if I tried. I'd love a home cooked hot meal right now. After evacuating from hurricane Irma last Thursday, it's been nothing but stressing out, fearing for my friends, family and condo back home and knowing I will have to tackle both that and the stress of 9/11. I'm surrounded by my family that bickers every so often and have little to no break to even draw with the baby being cooped up. It makes this year probably one of the worst years. I have not been able to vent, but there is still the obligation to post this. Not for me, but I guess for you guys and my sister. I want to finish it, but in the privacy of my bedroom. With my music...with my friends around me keeping me company while I livestream. It's not easy doing anything remotely productive I give you this unfinished piece. Hopefully, I will finish it later this week or next week when I get home and if there is power.

This year, I had felt a little better about my sister. My son keeps me busy. My son lights up my life and inspires me. Then there are those occasional feelings of seeing my sister in his smile. He shares that same trait all my siblings and I have. He's beautiful. I begin to wish my sister could meet him. She would love him a lot. She would spoil him with hugs and kisses and mix with his adorable personality. Buuut...she's not here and never will be. It's painful. I bought Jason to the cemetery a month or two ago and sat on my sister's bench with him while he looked around the area with a big old smile on his face. It's one of those weird situations where you think "what does he see that I do not?". His smile made me sad. 

Like my piece two years ago, I depicted a bit more than the usual. When I was younger, I used the handle "Mendless Heart" after my sister died. While time can heal wounds, they're never fully healed. Every year is another stitch on my heart. With the baby, he adds a lot more stitches though. I know my sister would be happy about that. I hope she is watching over him. I hope with all my being. I do not care what anyone believes in. All I can do is hope. While everyone focus' on Hurricane Irma...I still want to remember my sister through all the turmoil I am going through. Today is still her day.

Please take a moment to remember those lives lost on 9/11 and I hope you come back to see the finished piece.

As always, I truly appreciate the support through the years, especially from those of you who come around just to visit my page for this particular piece. In a way, I think I do this for you too.  

If you've reached this far of my description, please take a moment to think of the lives lost and remember them.


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My sister:………

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