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If you came back from heaven



I've been working on and off on this piece for months. It was originally some paint chat drawing I had done when I was feeling upset and I ended up wanting to finish it by 9/11.

This years piece done in memory of my older sister, JeanMarie Wallendorf who passed away on 9/11 in the second tower.

I am not someone who dwells on the pity or talks about about this subject, but in truth my heart is still healing. I don't often speak of her to others, but today I feel compelled to share with others just how much that day changed my life. Not only did I lose my only sister, but in a sense I lost my family. She was apart of a chain that held everything together. When that chain broke, the rest of the pieces could not stay together and split apart and nothing has been as strong since.

She was a very strong, bright and extremely beautiful person. She taught me so much just within the last visit her and I had together. Her beauty always inspired me to make myself look more feminine, and her bad-assery made me want to kick-ass and take names. Though I've dwelt with the pain of being compared to her, in my heart- I know I wish I COULD be more like her.

SO, to those who see this and read this, thank you for listening and please take a moment to remember those lost on that day, for it changed many peoples lives this day of age.

EDIT: Wow... Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. It is very touching and I haven't received such a response from my artwork in such a long time. As a thank you, I've attached some detail shots. [link] Thank you again!
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