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Rules of the Group!

What is this group about?
- Well I have been looking around DeviantART for some time, and I haven't come across a group dedicated to people with Lung Problems/Difficulties. So I thought I would take it into my own hands and make one!

What can I do here?
- Well if you have problems you would like to share feel free too! Write in in literature or do a drawing! Or even just leave it in the comments! You may meet people with similar conditions to yourself or learn about new ones! We are all here to support each other!

Why the name?
- I believe those of us with Lung problems are VERY strong people :D And we have to deal with a lot every day of our lives. We fight battles every day with taking breaths, not obvious to those at first, but we are fighting a battle with our lungs every second of our lives.

What age do I have to be?
- Any age! :D Although I believe you can Only join DeviantART when you're 13 and older anyway :)

Rules? - Well the Rules are fairly obvious!
- No nasty behavior!
- No picking on people!
- No saying "your condition is worse" than someone else's. (We are here to help each other)

Do we have to behave seriously?
- Well just as long as you respect others you can behave how you want really, taking the rules into consideration of course.

Do we have to have a lung problem to join?
- Of course not! :D If you just wish to support those who do and help them through the difficult times then of course you can join! Of if you wish to learn about the conditions that are out there come along and join!

Should I invite others to this group?
- Please do! :D

Any other questions please just ask :love:

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Hello! Welcome to Lungs-Of-Fury! A group where deviants with Lung Problems/Difficulties are free to express their problem(s) and talk to others with similar conditions! YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE LUNG PROBLEMS! IF YOU WISH TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO DO FEEL FREE TO JOIN! :D YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!
Please, if your condition is NOT one of the folders please say and we will make one! :D Thank you! :D

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :D We will answer them as best as we can :D

A bit about your founder: I'm WinterCabin, but just call me Chloe :D I was born with Chronic Lung Disease/Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Bronchiectasis, I stopped breathing 5 times when I was a baby and I am lucky to be here! :D I am on permanent medications.





Sorry I haven't been very active lately! Life has gotten in the way!
By the way! WinterCabin and ShamanSpells (Myself) ARE BOTH ME!
Just NileHeart is my old account now! I wanted to let you know the reason I haven't
been around much lately is because I am having problems with another organ of mine!
My heart! Hope to be back in full swing soon! But I really feel we need one more or 2
more co-founders! If anyone does want to be a co-founder please comment on this
page and I'll automatically make you one!
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A group for all deviants with Lung Problems! Doesn't matter what your age or condition is, all are welcome!
Founded 8 Years ago
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