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So i havn't chacked back here in a while seeing as I've been back home for my March break and yeah so come to find out that I am subscribed somehow until tomorrow morning. It kinda sucks that I had no idea that it happened until this evening I coud have put it to more use or something mebbe. Oh well...
It's just wierd cuz I dont know anyone who would giv me a subscription and no one told e they were gonna do it or anything. I don't know... is that wierd? I've only been a deviant sice november so I really have no clue. For whoever subscribed me thanks. I just wish I had more time to experience the subscription. Oh well
These are like the top two things on my priority list at the moment.

I'm the marker for physical chemistry I and let me tell you the majority of the people in chemistry at Bishop's fear the phys chem courses most of all cuz the prof is super hard to understand and his course material is even worse. I tried to start into marking the midterms they did on Wednesday last night, and holey hell I got through like 4 of them before I felt like a) ripping my hair out, b) shooting myself, or c) shooting the prof cuz he must not be teaching them what they need to know in order todo his exam. ugh.

So i quit that then and decided to go and look at the grad schools I'm interested in going to after I graduate here in the spring. I find everything i need to know and print off the applications down at the school (as Idont currently own a working printer) and when I get back to my apartment and start going through them i realize that i have to fill them out in triplicate and get like three references for each of them and all kinds of other mumbo jumbo. So I say screw that.

Then I realize, hey I havent even started the comic that was intended to be posted on my website and here at like midnight. It was at that time probably like 11:30. Luckily I had a two and a half hour nap earlier that day so I was able to stay up till 3am, although I dint get it finished then i had to do that when I woke up this morning. I have to stop leaving things till the last minute, cuz damn wasn't my hand and wrist sore by the time I was done drawing. I really need a new drawing tablet that doesn't require you to press down with the stylus as hard as possible in order to get any reaction out of it. Unfortunately I dont have like $300 to spend on one seeing as I still have to pay off this dang computer, but that will be soon. Like next week or the week after.

Well anyways I should get back to attempting to mark more of those midterms *shudders*
So yeah. I'm back at school after the holidays, with a computer that has like 70gigs of free harddrive space. What do I do in the two weeks since I got back? I've filled that hard drive almost to its max with animeand british comedies and watched all of it.
Needless to say I've not been doing much school work as of yet, and only recently gotten back to drawing comics, but I've started to cut my self back on them after catching up with the bleach series, after not watching any of it since its inception, and not haveing any new british comedies that look too interesting left out there. Currently i'm watching full metal alchemist and scryed, and after that I think I will lay off the anime for a while, only watching the new releases of bleach and naruto in hopes that the latter will get better some time soon.
I'll be doing a putting a new comic up this weekend, its kinda crappy, but thats cuz I lost interest in drawing it part way through. The one after this one will be much better, I know I'm almost done it now.

I've been really thinking about getting my comic outa keenspace and getting a host elsewhere, but it'l be a lot of work that I'm not so sure I want to do right this moment, seeing as I'm in my last semester of university and some of my courses are kinda difficult and also the process of applying to graduate school or whatnot is making me a lil stressed... I should deal with that and get it over with so I won't have to worry about it.
Blar... stress is bad especially if you have high blood pressure and you're only 22. It's not good for me. Im not usually ever stressed but I find I get stressed more and more the older I get. It's not fun.

ugh I'm starting to sound emo I'll stop now.

until next time
It finally got here today. I'm so excited...
I kinda feel like I shouldnt put any programs or shite on it, cuz it doesn't really feel like mine. i mean I have had teh same computer for the past like 5 years, with minor/major adjustments from time to time, but this comp is brand spanking new. I'm sure I'll get more confortabel with installing shite n junk on it, and loading the harddrive with cartoons and whatnot.

I also go back to school again next week, that kinda blows, but at the same time is good. My last semester at Bishop's. Finally. It's kinda scary tho cuz if I don't get accepted to any masters programs or medschool or whatever then I have to go out and find a real job... eeep. I've kinda started to question what I got myself into with the chemistry, I mean i like it a lot, but I also liek other things more, and would prolly be happier working in other things like working with computers, or being a graphic artist or something... idunno... we shall see where the world takes me. In the mean time I should really get back to drawing comics again now that the computer issue has been rectified, seeing as there hasn't been a new one since like a month ago... I tend to be a total slack ass about drawing when I'm home.. I guess I get distracted too easily... what with there actually being tlelevision here. But yeah I got a shiteload of codecs n junk I have to go and download while I can, cuz I'm stealing the internet from my parents' comp, while they sleep and I have to watch my 2 year old nephew really early tomorrow morning.
Alright so I get a dvd rw for xmas, but I need windows 2000 to run it so I get it from my bro who has it running perfectly on his comp, but I cant get it to install correctly on my comp and I try to revert back to 98 after friggin with it for whole day and now my comp wont start up or anything...
I know how to mess with computers, seein as I built mine from scratch, but the resolution to this has eluded me. I'm afraid that I fucked something over and have to replace parts n stuff which is costly... blar... I wish I had the money to buy a new comp... I kinda do , but I kinda don't...
I'm goin to bring to the computer repair place tomorrow, and if they say its fucked I'ma see what I can do about getting a new comp, cuz I've done far too many upgrades on that old beast in the years I've had it... guh...
She had a good run if that is the case, but if she does pull through then hopefully she'll last for the rest of the semester...
Well really I got home last Thursday, but this is like the first chance I've had to be online, cuz my comp is stoopid and its ethernet card never seems to work here for some odd reason. Oh and I've finally finished drawing something while here,  it's not a comic. I know I've been a real slackass lately when it comes to drawing them, but I'm kinda outa ideas that I feel like drawing, even tho my family gives me an abundance of things that are kinda funny... I never feel like drawing while I'm home. That being said I finished the Zim background today, and while I was updating it on here the freaking dog lying at my feet has been farting non-stop, like audible farts that make me gag. Make ME, with the iron stomach who has been known to eat some pretty disgusting things and never flinch, gag. It's gross... but I'ma go get ready to go visiting some friends now...
Yeha so I start drawing out tomorrows comic tonight. I think it'll be pretty funny, but nothing I draw looks good or quite right i've erased everything like 5 tmies already... It's like any ability I had to be able to do good looking drawings was magically sucked out of me since Tuesday.
It's possible that the whole lack of sleeping thing is affecting my ability or coordination or something... perhaps my brain do stuff process too....
I wish I could get my internal clock set back to normal sleeping patterns, but the damned internet and video games keep me awake.. I start into something then the next thing I know its like 4 o'clock in the morning... it doesn't help that this also happens when I have important things that I should be doing besides surfing the net or playing video games... like lab write ups or final exams...
I get kinda obsessive when I play the video games like I got the new Tony Hawk game and I found myself trying to get the same gap for like an hour and a half until I finally got it... damned air hockey natas spin gap...
Hopefully I am able to refrain from playing any games or surfing the net too much tomorrow so I can get the comic done on time, cuz I'ma try going to bed now see if that helps anything... even tho it is 3:20am already, its way earlier than I usually have been going to bed these days
So I was thinking that mebbe I would post my comics on this page as well cuz they are art. I guess I kinda feel pretentious about posting anything here, sometimes... cuz like I almost feel like its in a way bragging about my art by posting it... I dont know... I hate to sound like I'm bragging... blar.... sometimes thinking too much can give you more grief a struggle than not thinking at all... I wish I could shut my brain off about somethings... I mean I can shut down my brain for like 10mins or so, but then I start thinking about things again...

what was I talking about? Oh yeah, putting my comics up on here... yeah I'ma start doin that soemtime soon, prolly... mebbe.... I dont know... if you want to read em, you can go to my webpage.

Gah I have to do my reading for class tomorrow now.
I look around here at other people's art that they have up, and I almost feel like mine isn't even worth putting up because it pales in comparison to so many of the other pieces of art I see here. I mean I'm not a professional artists, hell, I'm not even getting an art degree or anything, exactly the opposite, I'm getting a science degree. I just draw things in my spare time, and I also like messing around with junk on computers in my spare time. So I colour them up on my computer when i've got nothing better to do.
So yeh I finally got a deviant art account... for the longest time I thought you had to pay money in order to get an account here, so I never bothered. Recently I found out a friend of mine had one, and well I couldn't exactly see him paying for an account here, so I looked into it. LO AND BEHOLD I was wrong. totally free. I thought Meh whatever and here I am all signed up with no where to go.

I'ma go upload some more stuff on here now.