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Rest in peace

By luneves
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Rodrigo, grandma's cat.

He died after an attempt to fight with one of my uncle's dogs, which is 4 times bigger than him.
The dog thought Rodrigo was playing and bite him many times, just like dogs do when they're playing.
Than Rodrigo got badly wounded and died.
He never let me play with him, although I've tried several times, but I was afraid of him - he always shows his claws when I come near him.
Now, rest in peace Rodrigo.
When I cross the rainbow bridge, just like you did, than maybe we can be friends!

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hey there,
you've been featured in a news-article called "in loving memory".
hope you don't mind.
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Thank you so much for the feature!
Beautiful article tho.
:heart: :cuddle:
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:tears: He's gorgeous. I just love him to pieces. What a sad story :(

VERY nice shot though :+favlove:
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Thank you so much, sweetie.
Yes, that was really sad.
We still miss him so much.
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:petting: I can imagine. I hope that pain eases for you. :hug:
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It will!! :aww:
Thanks a lot for your support, sweetie! :heart:
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THat is one gorgeous cat...
...too bad he's not around anymore...that's really sad.
he's beautiful tho.
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Thanks for your kind words, Jessica! :hug:
Yes, it's so sad.
I still miss him. :(
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Aw such a sad thing to happen!! :(
This photo looks very heart warming to me.
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Thank you so much, sweetie!:hug:
Ya, this photo makes us remember how sweet Rodrigo was. :nod:
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tadinho T_T
muito lindo..
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Era mesmo.
Embora nunca tenha deixado q eu brincasse com ele, era muito lindo!
Eu adorava os olhos dele.
Era engraçado qdo eu ia me aproximando dele
Ele colocava as garras de fora e olhava pra mim assim :paranoid:
Como quem dz 'vem cah, vem' :threaten:
Vou sentir saudades :aww:
luneves's avatar
Eh mesmo.
Vova q o diga.
Tadinha... :cries:
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hahahahah, kawaii!! :XD:
eles fazem uma falta .. :3
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A Foto ficou muito Ninja!
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Obg, Dalton!:bow:

Ateh parece q eu tava adivinhando.
Esta foi a ultima foto do Rodrigo.
Vova ta tao triste, bixinha!
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aww thats so sad :cry: Rodrigo's so cute
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Grandma is very sad because of his dead - and so do I.
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