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Sometimes life is like a merry-go-round...

My submition to the Playground contest @ :icononewordphoto:

Level/contrast adjustments.



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wow this is pretty, great colors
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Thank you so much!
pixie-dixie-rulz's avatar
Nah... Foto perfeita *~*
pixie-dixie-rulz's avatar
De nada~~! XD Disponha...
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Muito massa a foto! Parabéns!
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Valeu, Dalton!

Ha qto tempo, hein?
Td bom contigo?
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pensei que ja tinha comentado, poringa!
tá lindo seu trabalho. =*
luneves's avatar
Ooooooow, nada nao, poringa!
Obg!! :bow:
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Nice bright colors! So bright and detailed, almost to the point of being overwhelming, but that's what funfairs are like ;] The empty space in the foreground provides enough rest for the eyes, so it's a well-captured funfair atmosphere! What I like best about the composition is the two seat-thingies in the foreground. Gives me a feeling of being enclosed by the carousel, of sitting on it, even though you show the whole carousel from a distance. Where was the photo taken? Looks like it is inside some room.
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Thank you so much!! :bow:

The shot was taken on Game Station. It's inside of the biggest mall in my city.
It's kind of a huge room with an amusement park/playground/videogames thing on the inside.
Lots of machines around, for children of all ages. :giggle:
The airplane and the helicopter are a few steps from the carousel - and they're for children under age 4. :D
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:) I love the color on this. SO bright and fun. Like a child's memory of a carousel ;)
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Yeah, it reminds me that I spent my whole childhood dreaming about taking a ride on a carousel like that.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Marti!
:heart: :cuddle:
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:aww: Did you ever ride it???
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No, never... :cries:
The one on the picture has only 6 or 8 years.
I never saw a carousel like that when I was a child.
I don't know why but my parents didn't like to take me to amusement parks. :(

But sooner or later I will take a ride on it. You'll see!! :plotting:
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You definitely need to get yourself on one ;) Its fun. And NOT just for kids :no:
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