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the eye victim by soulfullcheerfull the eye victim :iconsoulfullcheerfull:soulfullcheerfull 7 9 Blueberries by Zabieru Blueberries :iconzabieru:Zabieru 2 1
.Material Girl.
Glitter - - Like those diamonds?
        Yes, correct like diamonds.
Do you honestly want to be that vain?
         If it means lip gloss, cotton candy, and money. I'm there.
Why is everyone so fake?
         We live in a material world now, full of material girls.
You mean corrupt?
         Don't think so much, you'll upset someone.
Why can't you just be real!?
:iconxox-wereinfected-xox:xoX-WereInfected-Xox 2 4
VJ's Male Stock 32 by Vigorousjammer VJ's Male Stock 32 :iconvigorousjammer:Vigorousjammer 104 58
Through the Cracks
I promised myself I wouldn't do this,
That I'd bar the door
to keep them out
and lower the blinds in my mind.
I promised to refuse to play their games,
Throw the board,
Scatter the pieces
and pretend that it was oh so easy to do.
I promised to never listen to them,
With fingers in my ears,
Vocal chords vibrating
and shrill curses drowning them out.
But they're crowding round me now,
I can hear their mocking snickers
breathily tickling my inner ear.
I peaked out for just a second,
A single second was all, I swear!
I couldn't help it, I just couldn't!
I read and I saw and soon there
were cracks in my resolve, cracks
that they'd waited for so patiently,
so quietly; waiting for me to fail.
Before I knew it, before I could tell,
They gathered together to stare at me.
A maliciously vague and unformed presence,
With sneers curling imaginary lips that
whisper so scathingly of all that I'd like to be.
And so I squirm in inadequacy,
Hoping that one day they'll leave,
Or let me go back to how it
:iconphilthey:Philthey 3 3
Stepping up to the threshold
with a pocket full of cyanide
and a handful of gummy bears.
Best not get those two mixed up,
At least, not just yet.
Not sure why I'm here,
Why my feet wandered
and led me off the beaten track.
I swore I'd never come here again,
Not while you're still breathing.
Maybe that's it though,
Maybe that's why I'm here,
I'm here to see you die this day
and make this place my own
private monument of triumphant grief.
You hurt me in ways no-one
else could or would have dared,
Ripped me up and scattered me
to fertilise that budding, swelling
ego with which you're so pleased.
I hope they tasted nice at least,
The bitter tears mixed with sweet
screams marinading the meat
of my shattered psyche for all
those years since we were last here.
Times ticked on though and now
it seems like it's my turn at last,
My turn to do as has been done,
Here in this place, the place
that made me who I am today.
And when I'm finally done I'll
sit and watch you rot, true, it'll
be a while,
:iconphilthey:Philthey 5 10
Any direction you choose by nifty-ness Any direction you choose :iconnifty-ness:nifty-ness 50 25 Seuss by LelaRMortragger Seuss :iconlelarmortragger:LelaRMortragger 11 7 Perler Beader - Desktop 2 by hotpinkflamingo Perler Beader - Desktop 2 :iconhotpinkflamingo:hotpinkflamingo 41 8 Trench Operative 2 by Valentine-FOV-Stock Trench Operative 2 :iconvalentine-fov-stock:Valentine-FOV-Stock 83 7
Sometimes I think I'm meant to be alone in this world,
close to few and intimate with none. Everyday I lose a
little more faith in humanity, and little by little, my
hope for the future dwindles.
I used to believe in heroes and fairy tales, but no amount
of Peter Pan magic could save me from the truth. The villain
always triumphs and the pixie dust only blinds; people like
me are destined to become old and die miserably.
I've fallen in love with strangers who barely know my name,
I give everything to them, then watch as they walk away.
It's easier to love someone when you can color in their lines,
see them as you please, forget their oversights.
I would aspire to be someone's everything, but that's terribly
cliche. Let's settle for someone to hold my hand, someone to
tell me everything is going to be okay.
I'm tired of this perpetual composure in the face of all things
beautiful. Make me think, make me feel; help me do things of which
I thought I was incapable.
Show me these stories ar
:iconracketeered:Racketeered 9 4
Tank and a Girl by lora-zombie Tank and a Girl :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 4,822 342 Perception by FaMz Perception :iconfamz:FaMz 524 104 Bravo by Ptolemaio Bravo :iconptolemaio:Ptolemaio 24 16



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